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  1. i am about to purchase some auto flowering seeds and was wondering how i would go about growing this. i have never grown before and on top of that i was thinking about growing outside because i still live with my parents. also can someone help me find some cheap auto flowering seeds
  2. Well if you go out side I think you missed the season even with LR. So if you wan't to grow its inside but I would'nt condone that but if you want help let me know.
  3. What would i need to grow a lowrider in my closet. I heard an aerogarden could work.
  4. How much you got to spend?
  5. im looking only on spending 250-300 tops because I also have to purchase a ounce next week.
  6. also what is a deasent lamp i should use
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    Read, read, read, read, read. Go read the stickies above this thread. To start, read "Germination 420," which will tell you how to germinate the seeds. Then read the various other grow guides ("Grandpa's Grow Guide" is a good start) and threads (I like "So you want to grow Marijuana, your ?s answered here"). That will tell you how to grow, and likely answer a lot of your questions. For vocabulary, check out "Vocabulary of Growing Terms + Slang."

    As to what to buy, you want good soil (no time-release fertilizers or things of the like, Fox Farm Ocean Forest or ProMix HP are good bets), good nutrients (again, Fox Farm nutes are good, but there are tons of other out there, including organic ones), light(s) (MH/HPS or CFLs are the preferred choices), air movement (exhaust is very important), odor reduction if desired, and a good spot to grow in. Closets are great if you're not too concerned with parents, or a stealth grow (check out the General Indoor Growing and Grow Room Design/Setup subforums for ideas on this) is also possible. Various other accessories are also good, such as a pH meter, timer(s), thermometers, or mylar.

    As for where to get this stuff, your local hydroponics store or garden store can hook you up with most of it (check the YellowPages), and even Lowes or Home Depot can be a decent source for some basic stuff. All of it, however, can be purchased online if you're willing to do it. There are dozens of hydroponics stores online, and because hydroponics is a legal activity, you can do it generally without fear.,,,, and are all reputable sites. eBay is also excellent for buying stuff at discounted prices.

    Anything more specific and a simple search of the forum (using the "Search" feature at the top of your screen) will likely give you your answer.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Be careful. Anyone in here will tell you that growing weed is kind of an addictive hobby, and can become expensive. I would read up a lot and really make sure you're willing to get involved with it before you buy anything. Not to scare you or anything, really, because it's also very fun and fulfilling. And it can be inexpensive too, but you won't get good stuff. To get good stuff, you need to put a bit of time and money into it. I thought I was going to just grow one plant with two CFLs, but that didn't happen. Now I have three five foot ladies budding under an HPS and four clones under an MH light with a rather complicated exhaust system... but it was worth it.
  8. i have gotten one seed to sprout a tap root and put it in soil, but i think i might have some bad soil because this morning it was already dried.
  9. i also got a 4 pack of cfl lights that say 23 watts and it says 100 watt equivalent on the box. is one light enough for 1 plant
  10. Nope you need all four bro.
  11. Ganja Pilot aint flyin' straight... hehe just kiddin' around with ya.

    Do you have any Perlite in that soil? Perlite will hold some moisture and also allow for better drainage. If you are using generic soil add a shitload of perlite to it, like around 30-50% of the mix. Also, when sprouting seeds you can place a plastic film (Saran-Wrap) over the top of the pot to keep the moisture in; just remove it when you see those little green leaves popping up.

    Water only when the soil is bone dry throughout the whole process. Add a Phosphorus booster to the soil when you reach flowering stage. Buy a timer at Wal-Mart and set it at 18 hours light/6 hours of darkness for 4-6 weeks then set the lights back to 12/12.

    Sit back and watch em' grow... its easy man, don't make it more complicated than it needs to be you're growing an f-in weed for christ sake, it will grow in spite of you!
  12. thanx all the info is seriously needed. i already planted 2 im guessing they are gonna die cuz i dont have any perlite in them. what brand of perlite should i get
  13. No they shouldn't die from not having perlite...

    I'll try to explain.. Perlite is a spungy substance that looks like little white rocks. Most standard generic potting soils will have some perlite in it already but by adding more you are doing two things... one, you're increasing drainage which will keep the roots supplied with enough oxygen to stay healthy and grow. Two, the perlite will absorb some water so your soil doesn't dry out too quickly leaving the plants starving for water stunting growth.

    I wouldn't worry about brand names when shopping for perlite. It is a very simple product and quality doesn't vary the same way that soils and nutirents do. When you are mixing it in either wear a scowel on your face or do it outside because any airborn perlite particles that get into your respirtory system will have toxic effects. Likely wouldn't cause death but not healthy.

    Okay, here is an example of my mix... I use 50% Peat Moss, 30% Perlite, 10% Vermiculite, and 10% Worm Castings. Then I add in Bat Guano for flowering and also use 2 liquid nutrients solutions; one that is high in Nitrogen for Vegging (in other words growing the stems and leaves) the other solution is higher in Phosphorus and low in Nitrogen so that the buds still grow but the chlorophyl in the plant matter gets used up leaving a nice smooth tasty smoke in the end. This is the simplest way to grow, requires a little more effort in mixing nutes but is the best way for a beginner to grow and for serious organic growers like myself.

    I hope this helps, you can buy a book about it but honestly the best way to learn is trail and error.

  14. im just learning too, but I know you should either use all 4 23 watt bulbs (growing without any methods you should use 100W / plant) or if doing a method, such as scrog (putting a screen over the plant to make theplant not go any higher than that) you can probably just use around 50 W.
  15. Thanx for putting it in detail for me if I knew how to +rep I would give you one.
  16. I cannot buy perlite here - I use porous volcanic rock to do the same things.

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