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My first time smokinn

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cozzy, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. So last night was the first time I ever smoked weed and it was with a bunch of my friends. We were sitting around and my friend gave me a red to make sure I knew how to inhale. That got me pretty light headed as I don't smoke cigarettes. I know how to inhale so they are all like yeah dude your gonna get really high. So they bring out the blunt and I took a few hits, did not cough at all, yes I did inhale correctly.
    I wasnt feeling anything and then my buddie gave me a shotgun and I held it in for a while. A few minutes after I got pretty bad cotton mouth and then I got really sick. So sick that I ended up throwing up and was pretty messed up for the next 3 hours. The whole world was spinning and all I could really do was sit there phasing in and out of reality, nothing was really funny, I wasnt hungry..I didnt feel happy at all or nothing, while everyone was laughing and having a good time.

    Sorry for the huge wall of text haha, I just want to know why this happened, and if my experience will be hopefully any better next time?
  2. sounds like you got to high but thats just a guess next time dont take so many hits and see what happens
  3. sounds to me like it you got what i get when i drink alcohol/smoke weed(the spins). i've never heard of anyone getting sick from smoking a blunt. i say give it another try w/o the cigs and you'll be better:smoking:
  4. Honestly, it probably was the cig that messed you up. I hate cigs but, I decided to try one of my buddies and man, I felt like I was going to throw up the entire time. Ruined the night for me. I was dizzy and shit and my stomach felt like I was going to throw up at any time. Pepto didn't even work. It sucked.
  5. some people dont get high there first time. Give it another try and smoke a lot and ull feel it. u'll know when u feel it. did u do it at a high school graduation party.
  6. like the liverpool fan stated above me (go man U), don't mix other stimulants with weed during your first couple experiences, it will mess u up bad as you found out. Plus I know plenty of people that didn't get high their first time. If you do try it again go easy, don't start with a blunt, maybe something smaller. Don't mix and try to enjoy it and don't psych yourself out.
  7. It actually sounds like the Cig made you sick. I don't smoke cigs but sometimes I do for a head rush, if you don't smoke very often or haven't eaten in a while they can make you sick, I would say the cig was a bad idea, do me a favor and try JUST weed for a night and come back so you can tell me how you feel:wave:

    Good Luck
  8. wow thanks for the fast replies guys.
    yeah that red messed me up. got me really light headed.
    next time i wont smoke a cig, because I really dont like them..and it burns ur chest, the weed I smoked was like nothing, didnt burn or nothing, but messed me up haha.

    and no, it wasnt at a grad party, just a bunch of my friends get together a lot and smoke and finally got me to go.

    oh and I will definitely be coming back some time soon and letting you know how it was haha. I didnt even really want to smoke the cigg, I needed to show them I knew how to inhale so I could smoke
  9. Same thing happened to me the first time I smoked so I am going to say that it wasn't the cig that got you sick.

    I took a pretty good hit out of a sick bong with some dank bud my first time and I just started trippin balls. I got really sick about 30 minutes after the hit and threw up. Next time you smoke just take one good hit and wait for a little bit. See how it affects you. Then if you want take a couple more hits.
  10. well i think the cigg had a little bit to do with it. the nicotene messed me up too.

    but yeah like i wasnt feeling nothing. then i started feeling really weird, started concentrating on one thing..everything was moving really slow. then about 30 min or so after i puked. felt a lil better then it got worse, then the high finally wore off and i was a lot better.
  11. you smoked 2 much lol when you smoke to much weed thats what happens and you have no tolerence so you puked. but the slow thing and all that means u were high at least a little bit
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    Sounds like exactly what happened to me when I had a few shots of vodka with weed.

    My friend's who've been smoking longer than me told me this rhyme;
    "Beer before grass and your on your arse"
    "Grass before beer and your in the clear"

    Also, cigarettes AFTER weed when blazed are really smooth. Should try it at least once.
  13. Anyone else think he might have swallowed the smoke on accident?
  14. I hate cigs. Makes everything taste bad... weed makes everything taste good :)
  15. you pulled a whitey, just smoked too much for your first go, ease in to it man and you will get used to it
  16. This exact thing happened to me when i started smoking a few years ago.
    The first time didn't effect me at all.
    The second time it kinda affected me.
    The third time i was BLAZED. I smoked so much i'm pretty sure i went over my limit.
    It felt like i passed out but i could still see everything going on around me, but i couldn't like move or anything.
    I ended up getting sick after getting the spins for way too long.

    I can assure you this all stops once you smoke more.
    Just try not to smoke as much, and build yourself up to it.
  17. This.

    When I was younger and wasn't able to buy cigarettes I smoked some cigarillos that I brought back from Europe. I hadn't smoked anything before this, so I swallowed some of the smoke. I was dizzy and sick to my stomach so I laid down on the couch for an hour before throwing up. Once I threw up I felt a million times better. Next time, if you swallow the smoke, just force yourself to burp and that should clear it up.
  18. Alrite bro. It was the red not the weed. If you dont smoke cigs, it fucked you up.
    My best friends first time with cigarettes he threw up and my first time i got really woozy and puked. MAKE SURE your not swallowing the smoke.
  19. oh Im definately not swallowing the smoke.
    I made sure of it.
    Im pretty sure it was the red and when they gave me the shotgun. haha
    oh wells. we all learn from mistakes =P
  20. Dude i have to tell you that just happens, my first time was exactly like that, and its happened to every one of my friends, its just what happens when you arent used to all the cannabis in their body, they have that reaction, i doubt it had much to do with anything else besides its what happens when you get your cherry popped!

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