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My first time buying weed was i ripped off? [with pics]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hopsin, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. #1 Hopsin, Aug 12, 2011
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    so basically my sister is dating this weed dealer in college. he seems like a cool guy and everything and is just dealing to pay off college debt. now ive always wanted to try weed but wasnt ready.. but now i feel like im ready.

    so i tell him and we meet up. he asks me how much money i got and i tell him $20. he says "bro, ill hook you up nicely since your my girlfriends brother." he pulls into his backpack andd pulls out a big freezer bag of weed. he literally grabs a handful and puts it in a seperate bag n gives it to me.

    i kinda feel like i got ripped off?? since he didnt even weigh it? i kinda always had a feeling he was manipulative and such but never had proof. so im asking you guys did i get a fair trade here? or is this guy manipulative like i thought ?

    EDIT: added bag pics

    Attached Files:

  2. Looks like some decent regs. Maybe 1.5-2g What does it smell like? Did you smoke it? Taste? High? ect.

    Hard to know if you got ripped off or not without that info
  3. Damn!!! Is it good?
  4. i haven't smoked it yet im saving it for tonight. but when i opened the bag the smell of like heavy weed slapped me in the face.
  5. Doesn't seem like you got ripped off. A 20 should get you around a g where I'm from. That looks like 2, so it seems like you got hooked up
  6. You got hooked up brother.

  7. Yea man sounds like you got a straight deal. Happy cheefing! :smoke::yay:
  8. well i heard around here its $10 a gram so im supposed to get 2 grams. should i post a pic of what it looks like in the bag?
  9. If anything you look like you got hooked up! That herb doesn't look too bad.

  10. Damn, where do you live? Normal price across the US is 20$ a g, pretty standard.
  11. That is definitely more than 2 grams, what any other dealer would have given you for $20. Unless it's shitty bud but it looks decent. You got hooked up, be nice to the guy and it might continue. Happy chiefing
  12. expect something like $20 for a gram of something good. i'd say $10 a gram where you are is for some sort of mids. i'd say you got a good deal, and would be happy with that! enjoy!
  13. Looks like a nice deal on your part! Even if it is mid, it looks like some decent bud! Enjoy smoking up! Let us know how it fares!
  14. Looks like u got a nice hookup there. Tell us how it is when you smoke it
  15. You def got hooked up and if you have never smoked before you have way more then you can handle. So dont worry
  16. thanks guys. ill let u know how it goes :) im matching my friend half of this. this is gonna be fun :)

  17. Can't generalize like that, most people I know (GC and irl) pay $15/g, some areas like where I used to live and it's not as common it's $20/g

    If he's in Canada, $10/g for dank would be about right.

    OP, nugs look nice, I'd say closer to 3g than 2, looks right in between fluffy and dense.
    Not regs at all, and definitely looks better than mids to me.
    Enjoy yourself.
  18. doesnt look like anything special but you definitely didnt get ripped off
  19. flammzrant, all depends in canada too. some parts, a g of dank is definitely 20$.
    and ya OP that's a fat sack for 20$. i had a similar situation for a bit with hash, i've got a sister that's three years older than me and for about half a year she kept smoking me up hash and oil from her dealer boyfriend's stash haha.
  20. Looks like an eight or just under to me. Great deal!

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