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my first thread!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by archangel24z, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. whats up fellow tokerz..

    I have a lot to talk about but this just general off my mind basic stuff

    so, i been smoking about for 4 months now .. started with ratchets and such getting me mad high off of couple of hits. u all been there!!. but its not the same high i get now, because back then i wanted that off planet retarded face feeling! haha..

    now i've been smoking almost daily for 3 months. begin with midz till i got intereduced to a dank dealer, i dont know much about pot dealer etiquette or how to "deal" with them so he might be rippin me off good:mad:, but i like 2 see the good in ppl so i go by trust, lol i know its wrong but he's the only one i know and im still learning so we'll see!!:confused:
    I usualy smoke with the same girl who actually got me into it..tried taking it easy for a while but couldnt stay w/o smoking for more than a day.. and that was the only day i didnt smoke in, haha...

    the strains i smoked.... death star, sage,agent orange, some stuff with name "kush" in it, cheese, lemon something,dumpster, some nameless headies.. i smoked more but i dont recall all

    and i'm copyin this shit b4 i hit submit cause last time it all went away cause a stupid error msg
  2. Welcome to the forums man. You'll definitely enjoy your stay here. Keep toking bro :smoke:
  3. Welcome man just follow the rules and your good.
  4. thnx guys, i am learning a lot from here and related many topics out there!
    glad to see a forum getting together all the tokers out there:hello:
  5. w0000000000o000000:hello::hello:congratulations
  6. Welcome, dude! I hope you find everything you need. Apprentice tokers is for new people to the city, new people to weed, and any questions that need to be asked about weed and weed related things. So don't think, whew I have a really hard question, I'll go ask seasoned tokers. It doesn't work that way. ALL questions about weed etc. go here. Have fun!

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