my first shroom trip

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  1. me and 6 of my friends each got an 8th of shrooms this weekend. we drank and smoked and tripped and....omg. i love shrooms. we took them at midnight and i stayed up until midnight the next night because i was like whoaa :eek: these are the shit.
    i would be sitting there looking at EVERYTHING move and then i'd burst into a hysterical fit of giggles:laughing::yay: i went through half a roll of paper towels from crying soo much. i laughed so hard i was bawling my eyes out. i needed my friend to help me take a piss because pulling my pants down was just too hilarious for me.
    i was feeling e v e r y t h i n g. i stroked the bathroom door for a good 5 minutes because it felt like there was water streaming down it. i also stroked my friend's chin because it felt like "a kitty's belly"

    2 of my friends had bad trips and only 2 of them barfed. after we ate our 8ths we gnawed on some caps from a baggy of extras which kept us all up.
    the only thing i didnt like while i was tripping was that i absolutely did not want to smoke weed. im always down for chiefing, too.
    overall it was a very new experience and i realllly liked it
  2. Lucky you. My friends and I went for an oz. of shrooms between 7 people (1/8th left over) and they didn't do shit. The thing I don't understand is, growing bad mushrooms takes just as much time as growing good mushrooms... So why not put forth the extra effort and not sell people shitty drugs?
  3. Just as much time... and half the effort.
  4. some people dont even grow em, strictly find em in fields.. i guess its a hit or miss or die situation for shrooms. i took some shrooms like a week ago, i have pics. they were fuckin intense. we ate 2.3 grams andd flipped lids.
  5. The last time I had shrooms they were homegrown and freaking intense. I ended up hiding under the covers of my bed for the last part of my trip. Glad to hear you enjoyed your first time man!
  6. I have never seen anyone throw up on shrooms before.
  7. i want to try shrooms but i dont wanna get ripped and die :p ill jsut wait till a friend hooks me up
  8. Yeah the first time I did shrooms my friends found them in a field and we tried to make tea out of it but it didn't work out so instead we put them in a sandwich and ate them.

    They were fucking disgusting because they had dirt and shit all over them and it sucked because they were weak and nothing happened. :( So I want to find some nice potent ones and have a good trip.
  9. Shrooms are amazing.. only thing I do besides marijuana. Homegrown is definitely the way to go. I haven't had to much luck with field-picked.
  10. My friend grew some P. Cubensis in his closet in a ghetto ass tupperware box thing. It didn't look like he took good care of them but there was always a flush going strong in there. He said he grew like a pound, but being as how they were all wet every time he picked them and ate them there wouldn't have been as much weight when dried.

    My first trip he gave me 15 wet grams and it was like eating nasty, slimy grub worms. I was flippin' the fuck out, though. I have only tripped like 2 more times since then but I'll never forget that shit.
  11. i just pick them suckers the size of pancakes right by my house
  12. thats pretty bawlin i wish i had shrooms growing near my house. Ive always wanted to try um but ive been waiting for the summer. Me nd a few friends are gonna get some nd go all out.

  13. sre there any feild picking guides, like what kind of feilds are best to pick from?
  14. i had done schrooms a few times years ago then i stopped for 2 years.
    One day i had decided to get really fucked up so me and a buddy split 12 grams in half.
    Im good friends with my dealer so i made him sell me caps only.
    anyways i made tea and shit everythign was going fine, later on that nite i was jsut sitting there at the table munchin on the last of them and all the sudden my stomach got reallly sore and i was looking at my buddy and his face literally smeared across the room hahah. then i went to get a drink and i ended up twitchin out having a seizure , luckily my step dad was there and he has all that training so he knew what to do . after that i was tripping didnt know wtf just happened and i was sititng on a foot stool and the same thing happened again . After all that i was Tripped right out, i was scared to go to sleep cuz i thought i was gonna have another one hahhahaha. BUt everything was good:smoking:
  15. lmao, some1 was telling me a story about how 1 of their friends did shrooms, and they thought that they were a cup of water and they didnt want to lean over b.c they would spill.
    lmao tell me thats not funny:D
  16. How did you have no desire to smoke weed on mushrooms?

    I LOOOOOVE smoking weed on mushrooms. Its just so awesome.
  17. Hell yeah the smoke looks so insane, I always smoke a blunt or two on the come down!
  18. That is cool, the first shroom trip I had was pretty nuts. It was by myself, and my wall looked like a huge geometric drawing.
  19. so did you and all your friends trip the same thing? i was with like 9 of my friends the other day and 3 of em tried shrooms the day before (an eigth for all of em) and i was baked off my ass and they were tellin me what they were seeing and they suposedly all saw the same shit like they all saw a volcano erupt (wtf?) at the same time. i wanna try shrooms soon and as soon as my dealer fixes his phone i'm gettin some.
  20. i ate shrooms last night. tripped for about 12 hrs, seven or so hours was freakin great. the come down was nice, a lot better than other shrooms i've done. there from a growroom, so i can trust them 100%

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