My First Scrog~DWC~Bubble Buckets

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    Ok, this is my first scrog, wish me luck :) This strain is unknown, this is a clone from the lady I just harvested. I took here when the mother was 21 days into flowering. She has been re-vegging for 17 days now. She spent 25 days under T12-6500k tubes before I set here to 18/6. As I siad, she has been at 18/6 for 17 days. She is now vegging under 4-26w 6500k CFLs and 2-24w 6500k T-5 tubes.
    As you can see from the pics, she is looking really wierd. I have been told it is a result of the re-vegging, and not to worry about her. I am using GH nutes and folowing the Lucas Formula.
    My grow box is 4'x3'x6' tall. I am venting everything with 2-85cfm bathroom exhaust fans, i also have 2-4" passive intakes. I have done the flowering on my 2 previouse grows with CFLs and T-5s, and i have done alright. I have stayed away from HPS for heat issues. After thinking about it, I have over 500 actual watts with the 18-26w CFLs, and the 2-24w T-5 tubes, and they put off a good bit of heat. I will be flowering this time with 150 watts of HPS lighting. How big of a difference will i notice with the heat?? Anyone :) Here are a few pics of what i have going on. feedback, advice,and constructive critisissum are always welcome :smoking:
    I also included a few pics of some of the buds i harvested from the mother. They arent huge, but they are pretty good for CFLs, and they are fkn killer :)

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  2. Hey man. Nice looking grow. :) I'm using BB's too, might do a scrog in the near future.

    I use a 400w hps and the heat can be pretty intense, depends a lot on your air flow and space really. I'm sure you'll manage 150w just fine. :)

    Luck with the grow! :wave:
  3. i'm gonna start a similar set up soon. except with maybe two plants and i am inside a tent

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    OK, so ive been slacking on the updates, but while she is re-vegging, there isnt really much to show. Also i have just gotten back to work after being unemployed for over 6 months, so my ass has been kicked every day this week.
    We are 10 days into 18/6, and i think she is just about through the re-vegging stage. this is the first time i have taken clones so far into the flowering stage, and though she is taking her time getting back, i think she is going to be an awesome plant for a scrog. Every node seems to be branching off into 2 main tops. Every one of them :) She has less than a half of an inch between her nodes and is really starting to get very bushy. I am hoping that I will have the 50% screen coverage that i am shooting for in 10 to 15 more days. At that point i will switch her to 12/12.
    I have ordered a 150W enclosed ballast HPS light. I know it will be enough for one plant. My main concern as always is the heat output from the light. I have a small space to grow with not the best ventilation. Here is the light Ive ordered, i think its a pretty good price for what it is.

    Here are a few pics. I tried to get a close shot of the node growth. The last 2 pics are of the clone i am using as the mother. The bud from the original plant was so good, i want to keep whatever strain this is going :)

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    Well, we are finally over the re-veg stage, it took for frigging ever. I have switched the lights to 12/12. She is 6 days into flowering. I am still using the CFLs, I haven't had a chance to buy the HPS light that I have been looking at. Some unexpected automotive repairs hit me, and therefore I could get the light when I planed, but I will have it in a few more weeks, and then its on :) here are a few pics. The screen is really starting to fill in.I hope to stop the training soon, and let her grow.

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  6. Its got great color my dude!
    Consider me subscribed..
    Ill def be looking out for this..

    Imma check out your other grow now..
  7. We have hairs :) She has been flowering for 10 days now, and there are little white hairs popping out
    everywhere. Her nutes are running around 1200 ppm. PH levels are around 5.5. The nutrient solution temp
    seems to be rising, and I am a little concerned about it. I have been able to keep a stable 72* in the past.
    Today it is 75*, and I have noticed her roots darkening a little. Next time I am thinking of recirculating
    from a separate res so I can regulate the temps with frozen 2 liter bottles of water. Thats how I controlled
    the temps in my aero projects. All in all she is looking really good and healthy.
    I think that I am done with training her after today. Time to let her do here thing.
    I took a few pics. Also included is a pic of the mother and the underside of the CFL reflector that I built.
    Check them out. :smoking:

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  8. Lookin great!
    Ive never seen CFLs with a hood like that..
    Did you build that special?
    Or did you buy it?
    Either way Ive never seen anything like it..
    An its a work of art!

    Ohh that bout that website..
    All their hydro sets..
    Specifically the aero one..
    Is that for 6 BIG plants?
    Or small?
  9. nice lookin plant man.
  10. The fixture is a 4 light bathroom vanity fixture i got at a thrift shop for 3 bucks. I built the reflector from 28 gauge sheet metal. The vanity fixture fits in it perfectly. I am using 2-way splitters in all the outlets so I can get 8 lights in there.
    Not sure that i understand your other question, very sorry bro :(
  11. See, now that inginuity!
    Or however the hell you spell it haha..
    Well that shit looks damn good..
    An seems to work awsome too!
    If I didnt need a 1000watt light for my future set up..
    Id seriously consider making that..

    In your first grow..
    In the like the second post..
    You got you HPS from a website..
    Fifth Season I believe?
    I was just wondering..
    If that 6 plant hyro set they got on there..
    Its under aero..
    If its 6 BIG plants or small?

    I know you dont work there or anything..
    But I was jw what you thought?
    Cuz there got hydro set^ for like small ass plants..
    An that is exactly what I want..
    So when I move back to NC..
    An Im ready to grow again..
    I was gonna get that if it is for big plants..
    Of course Ill call if I dont find out before its times..
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    I built an 8 site aero unit about that same size, and going from that experance, it was hard to grow 3 medium sized plants in mine. They are just not space out enough in my opinion. Besides, that thing can be built for around 60 bucks minus the net pots. 6 inch net pots are $1.00 at fifth season. Just for your info 910 has a fifth season store. Rumples bubble buckets are the way to go bro. i have less than 30 bucks in each of mine. 17 of that is the higher quality air pumps i am using.
  13. Yeah I was checkin that out..
    Imma have to do some more research on those buckets..
    I wanna try practicing the LST method..
    I dont see why not, but that would still be possible no?
    An bout those aero on the site..
    That was my main concern with them..
    They did not look spaced out at all..
    Good looks on the info bro..
  14. Sup Biggie, You can LST using the buckets. From what i have seen and read, It seems pretty easy to do. There is a thread somewhere here on GC about it. The guy loosely ties twine to the plant, then pulls the plant down, and duct tapes the twine to the side of lid on to bucket. If you havnt, you should check out some of rumpleforeskins threads. He is the reason i am doing this scrog with a bubble bucket. Here are a few of his links.

    This guy loves buckets, and going by his results, I understand why :)

    Here is a quick update on my scrog:
    We are at 11 days of flowering. around 1200ish ppm, and around 5.5 PH. This one plant is drinking a gallon of nutriant solution every 2 days. The mother is drinking about a gallon a week.
    The screen has filled in nicely, and i am done training. Its all up to her now. I hope to have some little nugs to show in a week or so. She has little white hairs popping out everywhere.

    Here are a few more pics. For some reason, I had a problem taking pics the were not blury. A few of them turned out ok though.

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  15. Update: 15 days flowering and all is good :) She is starting to bud very nicely. I have increased the the floro micro in my nutes, I am not getting the root growth that I am used to. I am now running around 1350ppm. The Ph is stable at 5.5. Res temps are around 75*, a little higher than I like but i cant do much about it with this set up. My next go will be a recirculating DWC using a cooler as an indipendit res. Somthing I can open it easily to add some frozen water bottles. Right now i can open the lid on my bucket just enough to test PH, and ppm levels. I have a fill spout in the lid for topping off. I have have to use a transmission funnel, but it works.
    Other than the root growth she is growing nicely and she looks very healthy :)

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  16. looking good man. i'm staying tuned in to see how this turns out. btw that hood you made with the cfl's looks awesome. good luck
  17. Thanks bro :) i am a poor man, I have to make a lot of the stuff i use. but i am going to buy a light next week. I know that HPS is better than CFLs and I want to maximize my yield.

    Thanks for tuning in :smoking:
  18. Wow, I am pretty impressed. That plant looks very nice, I just cannot understand all that hard work, for one plant. 6 plants minimum. Anyway good work.
  19. I finally got the HPS installed today. The spectrum difference of it an the CFLs is crazy. Using the one light, and doing away with all the CFLs has actually drop the air temp by 9 degrees. The plant is doing really good. I did a lot of thinning out today the fan leaves above the screen were getting huge and blocking alot of bud sites. After thinning, i counted 21 bud sites above the screen. It seems like this one plant is going to do awesome.

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  20. I'm not entirely sure thinning out those leaves is optimum. The ones below the screen sure, they are "suckers", but i would think the big fan leaves are actually absorbing light and contributing to the underlying bud sites.

    Someone smarter than I would be a better source of info of course. So don't quote me.

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