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My first rolled blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JohnCRiley, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]
    what do u guys think of it?
  2. bad pic.. :(
  3. Yeah bad pic. Looks loose, and I dont consider blunt wraps as real blunts. But if it smokes good who gives a fuck right?
  4. idk looks either loose or fat
  5. idk why it looks like that it was tight and burned even, it just wasnt filled to the very brim because I didn't want any to fall out
  6. oh i see.. but then if u dont pakc it fat till the end just twist the end so that way nothing will ever fall out..
  7. i would've but it was filled till like 1/3 inch to the end so i didn't really have enough room u kno

  8. Hell ya, don't care what it looks like if it smokes well.. Once made a gravity bong out of a garbage can and a swimming pool.. You can call it gross but it's the highest I've ever been..

    Props on first blunt, my first one was 2 weeks ago, amazing what you learn off 1 blunt.
  9. this a blunt wrap?

    split a gar and do it.

    but not bad for first time none the less.
  10. May I ask how you managed that ? :eek::smoking:

  11. im i gotcha bro

  12. is a gar that much better? i mean it's just i like the way that this works and don't see any point in getting a gar unless they're more enjoyable - i'm not trying to brag i'm just trying to make a nice blunt that I can enjoy
  13. they usually burn slower and dont taste as chemically

  14. I'll try a gar next time I guess, it's just that they look REALLY hard to me so i'll have to practice with tobacco before i move up to herb with that
  15. what you should do next time is twist the end so it looks like a actual blunt and and before you blaze it cut or bite the twist of and blaze
  16. i actually think its easier to roll with a split philly or swisher than with the wraps.
  17. Blunts are pretty easy try it. My first blunt looked and smoked damn good. But I'm a pretty good roller, I never really had a lot of the problems most people have. I'm pretty meticulous with my rolling.
  18. #18 SlushPuppie, Mar 20, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2010
    your thread inspireed me ta wist a rillo.
    usually i go for dutcehs o games cuz the outaleafes nd slow burn. but i bulk orderda sum white owl white grape rillos online madd cheap.
    gime ten and ill show u a l.

    u gotta get some legit blutns first off,, then grind ur weed even consitenstcesy. and spread evenly in ur l, none of that cone shit ur doin unless ur rollin FAT ls allda time.

    aite gimee a minnn and ill show u a l. but still overall a god roll fa urfirst. my b on grammar im barrd out


  19. how did you get it to be kinda cone-ish?
  20. idk when i rolled it with the wrap it just came out that way

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