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  1. Okay you gotta read it pretty fast or it sounds like shit... so give her a try and tell me what you think. if anything needs something and what like beat would you recommend?
    idk is it good or garbage?

    My name is lil j n im bustin up this

    track you can catch me cruisin cruisin

    cruisin in a white cadillac see im gettin

    money. im sellin crack what you need i

    got that and if i dont ill be right back.

    If you aint got that money then i got

    that gat so you can hear that bitch

    aratata. A hundred witness and nonell

    rat or im gonna make they brain go

    splat. I done made a hunderd Gs you

    cant rubberband that. See my city aint

    to pretty but it be mine cause every

    single day you can catch me on the

    grind. Cause i flip bricks and i pop nines

    while you and your boys cant move a

    dime. Now if you talkin money then well

    be just fine just call my private line.

    Ask for J n make sure you specify cause

    i dont chat wit da fbi. Try pullin one on

    me thinkin that you sly and im gonna

    put a clip in your eye. When you as paid

    as me you can call yourself a boss but ill

    come up and make your eyes criss

    crossed. Im payed like ross. So get lost

    like Zoe. Like half my crews on the

    death row. But im here fresh from head

    ta toe. Next thing ya know ill have ma

    own show cause im the next to blow. In

    this game im considered a pro. So you

    wanna go against me then you fuckin

    wit da mvp. I cant be beat. I cant be

    bought. Cause Im so fresh ya im so hot.

    I cant help the way that i was brought

    up and now that i ya all caught up. You

    can take the hustle cause im takin the

    flow. Sorry dude but my planes boughta

    go. So ill catch ya on tour in tokyo. Just

    make sure you bring the doe cause im

    bringin the dro. Haha!
  2. ight ight. really work on metaphors and similies SP they really make a rap
  3. play an instrumental while youre thinking up rhymes.

    and please steer away from mainstream sound, materialistic topics will only go so far.

    when you talk about important things in life and your struggles, it sounds a lot more respectable than "i ride in cadillacs, i slick crack, i pack pistols, bullets fly by, hear em whistle." type shit. thats ok when youre freestyling and need filler, but if youre taking time to write it, give it meaning.
  4. idk i thought mainstream would be better cause all them lame ass songs goin big like that soulja boy junk lol...well i take that back he got sum okay NEW songs (notice new is in bold) or atleast new to me lol
  5. i write rap songs myself. i write them for me and my friends, not to get recognized or any of that shit. todays rap disgusts me. try to write about things that happen in your every day life, as silly as they seem. think about little details, and think outside the box.

    this will help you think deeper than "yo i pack a fo fo, fuck tha po po."

    i mean thats cool and all, and ill even throw that into a verse, but if you talk about things you know very well about, it will help you as practice towards other songs because itll change the way you think when you write.

    before when i was relatively new to writing (4 years or so ago, first rap song i wrote was when i was 13, but got into it a lot when i was about 15-16), id write about pulling a 12 gauge on police and spraying them all down, or breaking into someones house, tying em down, and lighting the place on fire with them inside.

    write different kinds of songs, like for example smoking weed, sex, life issues, your beliefs, etc. dont limit your mind to one topic all the time, expand your thinking.

    dont force yourself to write, just chill and play with thoughts in your head until something sounds right.

    i hope this helps. im not some proffessional rapper or anything, i just love music. its one thing that doesnt corrupt, something that wont turn its back on you, its always there, wether youre happy or sad.
  6. ya but ur a step ahead of sum of the famous people who have someone else write them songs to do:eek: lol
  7. thats the thing with rap, its kind of like how world leaders are. theyre just pawns of the record label, they are expected to rap about certain things to keep sales up. some rappers suck *cough wayne* and their best albums were ghost written.

    play some souls of mischief and hieroglyphs (some of the same people in both groups) and listen to their lyics, how they arent what you hear on today's radio. they express their ideas and flows in a unique way. my favorite rap group is bone thugs, but listening to different artists (mos def, mac dre, etc. just different styles of rap) makes a big difference in how you write music. influential artists are truly, well influential lol. when you listen to a really good artist, you will make better quality and more satisfying music. its not biting, more like influence.

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