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My First Pollen Atempt :/

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by WellzWales, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone im New To this Grasscity Forum,

    i made a bit off pollen 2day..... i had some scuff (kief) from
    the bottom of my 4 piece Grinder

    i ordered a pollen press from ebay and that only took 3 days

    so i scraped the Scuff (Kief) out of the Grinder
    stuck it in my pollen Press
    then after a few hours got some metal cooking forks
    then put the pollen press over the flame of the gas cooker
    for around a few minutes ( it did stink) Goooooooood! :smoke:

    i tightened the press abit more
    then stuck it in the frezzer to cool down for about a hour!
    the pollen press was sticky so it did leak out

    (maybe i shouldn't of tightend the press after heating it up ????)

    Well anyways it was my first attempt with a pollen press
    and i thort i was a good result but the amount i put in and got back... was a big loss,,,i reckon it was the heating it up part that made half my kief just dissapear lol

    But Anyway the result is amazing
    it tastes so god dam Goodddd!!!!!
    it was only small just a few smokes only :(

    Well Im smoking on a bit of lemonade 2nite,
    its lush!!!
    but usually im smoking on that stinky blue cheese

    Bought a turbo diesel seed only the 1 but gonna to try for personal use
    Dont no about Growing stick it on the window sill lmao!!!

    Hears just a few Pictures of my attempt Thanks For Looking


    Feel Free to add me as a friend or message me
    From North Wales

  2. Thats pretty cool, ive been thinkin about gettin a pollen press... Seems like an easy way to make hash.
  3. I want one of those shoooo bad

    [ame=]Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 5 - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Yeah its Easy Really! but not really worth it would just rather smoke it without pressing

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