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  1. This is actually kinda funny.

    I was moving some potted plants around in my back yard when I came upon a sproutling in a pot. After comparing it to the pictures provided in these threads I found that I had a plant growing. So I just moved the plant and its host pot/plant to another side of my yard, just to keep it out of the open. I hope to let it grow on its on and see if nature wants to give me some bud!

    I pray its not male too, that would be very dissapointing...

    Aside from that, can anyone give me some advice on fertilizer? Thats the only thing I am willing to do to the plant..

    Oh yeah, I will be attaching pics of the plant ASAP!
  2. Hmm makes you wonder where it came from! No ferts, the soil should provide all it needs for the next couple of weeks. Be ready to transplant to a bigger pot. Try not to over water it ;)
  3. isn't it a bit late in the season to start an outdoor grow? that is a neat little "find" you got going.

  4. Yeah it is way late to grow outside I think.
    Anyway a good fert would be a miricle grow, water soluble fert such as 20-20-20 or 20-10-15.
  5. I see your from the sunshine state.Is that florida?if it is its not even close to to late for growing outside.start your plants indoors and move outside once your ready to flower and bang!!!WE harvest all winter!!Just watch the weather reports and if it looks like we will get a frost go cover your plants with a sheat for the night.some weeks youl get slow growth but unless its a verry bad year youl do fine outdoors.some years can be difficult but not manny.since its in your back yard you can do like i do instead of starting them inside just turn on a porch light to for a hour or two every night outback so the plant wont start to flower untill your ready.
  6. Yes I do live in florida. So season isnt an issue..
    Florida has two seasons: 1- Hurricane Season
    2-The time between hurricane seasons

    Other than that its allways moist outside, and we get at least a light rain every day. So that should cover the watering issue.

    As for moving it, I plan on putting it in a pot and moving it to the canal behind my house.. I am afraid my lawn guys will find my baby and take it..
  7. I found proof that you can get a good crop from a "wild" plant. My buddy just moved on to a large "ranch" just an hour away from my house and he found a 7 foot tall, budding plant in his yard. I dont know the exact age of the plant, but its main stem is about the size of a shoot of bamboo...

    Three cheers for Florida weather!
  8. Took a few new pics. very little change, but I have noticed new leaf sprouts.

    I also noticed what looks like another sprout ling, but I will let time tell me the answer with that..

    New pic.. [​IMG]

    and ill show ya what its sharing a home with for now...


  9. I noticed he was in Florida too but, I thought just as important as season was day length which does decrease during Autumn in Florida as well. So would it then just be like starting the seedling from 12/12 this late?

    EDIT Oh I see, the answer is yes that's why you said to get them outside when they are ready for flower. Gotcha.

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