My first plant.. looking awesome so far??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BCChronic, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. Well i started it out with a cloned female that was already 2 weeks old when i bought it. I put it in a medium sized pot with good fertile soil and have been misting and watering it for about a month now with a spray bottle. I had a heat lamp that i put on it and it seems to be growing good in my closet. i keep the heat lamp on it all time 24 hours a day. Its about 18 inches high so far and is two main stems. Over the last week or 5 days there is looking to be buds starting to form.. (there like grouped together areas that have white thin leaves or hairs coming out. These are mostly concentrated on the tips of the two stems but are starting to form farther down the stems on top of the leaves.)

    What i need to know is if i am doing this right? Im not using any type of fertilzer right now. Should I? Do i need to? What kind should i buy thats readily availible?

    And is it starting to bud? i thought it was only supposed to bud when u put 12/12 sunlight on it? Should i change the lighing hours to a 12/12 squedual yet or stay on 24 hour light??

    Your help is apreciated fellow stoners :_)
  2. you say your using a heat lamp? can you explain more? type wattage etc.. could be the problem.
  3. its a 150 watt bulb. My friend gave it to me so i dont know what kind it is. But when i turn it off and look at it it has a purple haze to it.

    I dont think i have a problem.... ?? Or do I??

    My plants a nice dark green and looks very healthy..
  4. Hello? Anyone out ther that can help me out here>????
  5. if you post a pic ....i'm sure someone will be able to help you....but without one it's kinda hard!....Peace out....Sid
  6. Generally incandescent bulbs dont work well alone for cannabis plants, and Id keep an eye on how hot your growing space is misting im sure helps. It sounds like your plant is started to bud from what you say. The light, if your not sure, may be a full spectrum light bulb supposed to replicate natures sun, a lot of time they are picked up inexpensively. I would drop the time to get the plant some rest time possible at an 18 hr light period. That is unless you are ready to bud at which i would change it to 12 12. Either way good luck. =)

  7. Sounds like an infrared heating lamp,,,,and you are lucky,,to even have anything,,the plant may be flowering due to stress,,and it wishes to end it...

    What othr light can you get a hold of quickly,,to get it budding what it can?,,,Flourescent,HPS,MH,CF..

    2 twin 4' flourescent fixtures would even help,,,the plant will probably die soon if you don't get it different light...


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