My first plant! Am I doing this right?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by EasyBakeOven, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. I just put some rarely found seeds (from shit I buy) into a pot maybe 8" diameter. w/ 2/3 good muddy soil from my yard, and 1/3 peat soil. And then I just dampened the top soil after I planted about 4 seeds. I used a pen to push a hole about 1/4-1/2" deep and then just let them grow. They're in a 14"x16"x20" tall box with aluminum foil taped up as the walls. I have a 60w Sylvania Spot-Gro Bulb.

    How am I doing so far? I'm going to run the light all but 6 hours of the day until I start budding it or whatever it is.

    I'd say the light is maybe 4" from the soil

    Any suggestions. Should I have done anything before I planted the seeds?
  2. I decided to redo the seeds and replant them.
    And redo the light
    I only want like one nice big plant (well short and bushy.
    Maybe two. dunno.
  3. i think im gonna make a light cover out of aluimnum foil so that I have the cord so I can make it higher or lower according to the plant.

    How shallow of a pot can I use. Cause I'm vertically challenged (well my box is.
  4. What should I do about ventilation?
  5. Have you put the foil up with the less shiny side facing the plant? Foil can create hot spots. If you want to keep the plant short you'll need loads of light. Plants stetch to reach it if they don't get enough. This will be you biggest problem. Think about HPS if you have the $'s. or some compact fluros, which work well if you have a few of them.

    For ventilation, I use a small desk fan, and just leave it going for a few hours a day, basically until I remember to turn it off again. My grow is in a walk in closet, so just open the door during the light period to let fresk air in.

  6. I'm on a low budget operation.
    I have lots of computer fans, but they're all DC. Hmmmmmm
    And I have my light rigged to a switch on the outside of my closet.

    Should I cut a hole in the box and make it lighttight (lots of twists and turns to let no light in but air in/out)?
  7. I had the seeds in papertowels for a couple days and planted them today. Equally spaced. Hmmm I hope some are duds, 5 seeds will be chaos. have to let the strongest survive!

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