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my first pickup as a mmj cardholder

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by seeyouauntie, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. :hello:

    I went kinda nuts for my first time.

    I got an 1/8th of XJ-13:


    1/8th of Humbolt (free):


    1/8th of Strawberry cough:


    1/8th of ATF:


    and an 1/8th of Harlequin:

  2. oh man. I think I just jizzed a little. Nice. Reeal nice. Your lucky you can just go to a store and get your weed! Hah.
  3. If i wanted to, i could have it delivered to my house. :)
  4. gotta love being a medical patient eh? welcome to the wonderful world of weed shops and delivery services where you know EXACTLY what you get every time and know it will be quality because YOU GET TO CHOSE THE STRAINS not just get whatever the one or two strains a regular dealer has...
  5. This kind of posting shouldn't be allowed. Its too amazing, an orgasm for my eyes. No idea how jealous I am of you.
  6. comingoverkbye

  7. i agree with him, ur making us east coast guys too green

    that harlequin looks smokalicious never heard of it, how does it taste
  8. wow, i can't wait till Massachusetts get's on board so i can have access to this type of medicine.
  9. EYEGASM!!! what kinda camera you use to get those macros
  11. You know what I'd rather drive to the ghetto, and be unsure of the quantity and quality of the weed I buy!...(forgot sarcasm can't be detected through online messages, sorry). Really nice pickups, I'm incredibly envious!!
  12. Ah then, Welcome to the Club my friend! Your one of us Beautiful ppl now. :laughing:
    Enjoy it while it last And NEVER let that Shit Expire! Ive renewed mine like 4 times already.
  13. Awesome buds dude.

    Btw I like that seed peeping out at us in that last picture. :smoke: It's like a little starship flying by and you see one of the seeds piloting it waving at you n shit :wave:
  14. I like the looks of Harlequin the most. Which one smokes the best?
  15. wish we had mmj in florida man,but here getting a script of pain killers is ten times easier
    than gettin bud like that.
  16. I think a lot of us went crazy the first time picking something up from the pharmacy! Enjoy your smoke :smoke: Looks delicious.
  17. What type of prices paid?
  18. bomb ass buds man

  19. Taste wise the Strawberry cough is amazing, and the XJ-13 is really unique. But i'd have to say the ATF or the Harlequin is best for my situation (anxiety)

    Thank you, I'm using a canon XTi with a EFs 60mm macro lens.

  20. ATF: 60
    Strawberry cough & Harlequin were $55
    I went to one co-op for the ATF, Strawberry, and Harlequin and with that purchase they threw in a free glass pipe and a really fat J.

    Then i went to another Co-op for the XJ-13, which was $50 and i got a free 8th of some Humboldt, and a free muffin :smoke:

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