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My first Pick-up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toke'm up, May 13, 2010.

  1. Here's what $20 got me, how did I do?
  2. Good bud, bad weight.
  3. dats some good bud but u payed $20 just for that
  4. defs good quality man, but seriously 20 bucks where do you live like middle of the desert no where nevada man hahahahah
  5. OP, I'm assuming you dont have scale, and I'm assuming the guy didn't weigh it out for you.

    Good bud, but not $20 worth. $20 = 1G. That looks like .5, maybe .6 at most.

    Not too big of a loss, so dont sweat it.

  6. 20 a g where you are, its all location dependant, 10 a g for super dank here....
  7. That's pretty good for a first pick up man, nice bud, shame about the prices/weights but all that will improve with time!
  8. Yea I'm pretty sure everyone here is saying the same thing...some good quality bud but you def paid too much.
  9. A little light, eh? I'm selling half to my friend for ten bucks but thats all I got for mah 20.
  10. could be dense as hell.. who knows but otherwise as everyones saying looks dank but not enough weight.
  11. thats some nice bud so if it was $20 a g that would be a good price.......... but thats not even close to a gram. you paid way too much man :(

    it looks like all your bud could fit on that quarter.....less than .5 grams i'd say
  12. Actually now that I really look at the picture with the quater in it I think the perspective is off a bit. The big nug almost covers the whole quarter in real life. I was using some funky settings on my camera.
  13. vegas has high prices if you dont know where to look.... just like anywhere else
  14. #14 spikeystud88, May 13, 2010
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    True, but you also live in one of the most MJ friendly cities in the country. Anywhere in Cali/CO is going to have cheaper prices than anywhere else in the US, period.

    In my experience here (which hasn't been super long, but still) the going price seems to be $20/G for 'dro'. I know there are lots of blades that get it for $15/G, or even $10/G, but what I'm saying is it seems like the majority of users here pay $20/G.

    When people make threads asking "how much should this cost" or "how much can $20 get me" people will usually respond with the normal $20/G, because that seems to be the average price here in the states.

    Try and get another pic with the buds on the quarter so we can see. But my advice to you would be to get a scale, and use it from now on (no matter how small the pickup is). If you get jipped on a $20 pickup (because you dont have a scale) I can only imagine how far the guy would go if you were picking up bigger.
  15. Not necessarily true man.
  16. It's pretty much infallible my dude. Supply and demand, we get it in out here, we get way lower prices.

    If you're paying whatever everyone else is paying in CA/CO then you are doing something wrong. Regardless, it is user based, and not a problem with the supplier(s) in CA/CO if you don't have a hookup.
  17. #17 spikeystud88, May 13, 2010
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    Unless you have an incredible hookup, or know a grower, you will pay more than someone who lives in Cali/CO/any other MMJ state.

    I have yet to meet someone in TX that has a constant hookup that can get them fire for less than $20/G. Yes, every once in a while shit will roll through that's cheaper - but I'm saying on a day-to-day basis, I will pay more living in TX than someone that lives in an MMJ state.

    If you guys want I'll make a poll that will settle this.

    The poll is up, go crazy.
  18. Yea not a g like everyone said but looks really nice. I'd say no worries buddy. In a few weeks you'll be able to eyeball weight like you've lived in the ghetto all your life.
  19. #19 Blunt, May 13, 2010
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    Anyone with a good connection that's close to a dealer can get less than $20 a gram. If spikeystud88 wants to take what I said out of context than I can play that game too. We never said we were talking about dank and in that case I get grams for $3.

    Haha, I love how you over react over nothing. You took what I said out of context too, but that's cool.
  20. My thread was never directed at you.

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