My First Outdoor Guerilla Grow - PA/OH border - Nirvana Northern Lights :)

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  1. This will be my first ever outdoors grow and I am going guerilla. So far I have ordered 5 Nirvana Nothern Lights feminized seeds off of The Attitude early last week with the t-shirt so they should be in any day now lol. Also have bought my dirt which is a few bales of Fafard Growing Mix 1P. I am going to mix that in each hole with one bag of Fox Farm Ocean Forest per hole (with more on top for the first month so dont have to fertilize first month)

    I have 2 grow spots picked out. One is within jogging distance of my house and the other one is where I can park at a local spot and then also "jog" to my site. Both places are facing south so I will get full sun from about 7am-3pm during the crucial hours for MJ. Boy that compass on Iphones comes in handy when picking a spot:D

    I am going to be using a fish fertilizer with a 3-1-1 for my fertilizer during veg and then probably some Bio-Bloom or something during flower. I used Bio-Bloom during my only other grow, which was a few years ago inside at my old house, and had good results with my White Widow.

    Will be digging my holes this weekend once it starts rainging and no one is outside and hopefully planting by end of May or first of June. Have been doing a TON of studying and planning so hoping it turns out good. Anyone know what kinds of yields I could possibly expect per plant with the info I have given? If not no biggie cause I know its hard to tell...just was looking for somewhat of an estimate since I have never grown outdoors before. Oh yeah, also will probably top them twice to kep them short and bushy....
  2. Good luck this season man. Real tough to tell what your yield will be. You can have two plants grown in the same exact soil, given the same exact nutes and get 2 oz's more off one than the other. It's my experience that most outdoor plants have 2-4 oz's though. I have seen plants on utube that blow those numbers away it's tough to calculate.
  3. Thanks bud. Does my soild mix sound ok? The Fafard brand I bought from the greenhouse is made with the following and the guy there said it was best for "tomatoes":

    •Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (80%), perlite, starter nutrients, wetting agent & Dolomitic limestone.
    •Bulk density: 9 to 12 lbs.
    •pH range: 5.5 to 6.5 after wetting.
    •Use for: Seeds, cuttings, bedding plants, hanging baskets, flowering plants, foliage, interiorscapes & plugs.

    I'm thinking it will be ok with a bag of Fox Farm mixed in...any opinions since its my first outdoor grow and I really dont have the space or resources to mix a soil blend
  4. I'm not a huge fan of Peat Moss, but there are alot of people that love it. Maybe it's just me. I think you will be ok though. I wonder what the FF will do for the PH though? It's a good start for your first time though.

    What nutes do you plan to use?

    Edit....nvm I reread the OP and see the nutes.
  5. I'll probably invest $10 in a PH tester and test after I water them. Is it safe to put pics up on this site cause I probably will with my camera? Not going to use my cell phone for pics because the location of the pics can be traced I read...

  6. I do :D

    We are fairly close to one another.....within 100 miles I bet. When do plan to put them out? I would like to have mine in the dirt by the end of next week.
  7. Well...I ordered my seeds last wednesday from Attitude so have to wait until they come in...hopefully this friday. I'm planning on digging my holes this weekend since its supposed to rain. I would rather do it while its pouring outside so that no one walks up on me, you know? My spots are really good but there will be people within a couple hundred yards of both. Thats why I went with Northern Lights brand for low plant height and low odor. Planning on hopefully putting them outside on Memorial Weekend but it all depends on when my seeds arrive.
  8. Update: I found an AWESOME place where no one goes in a grass field covered with thorn bushes for my grow. Will have almost entirely a full day of sun plus the soil is good (even though I will be replacing a 1x1x2 portion with the soil I bought for each of my 5 plants). Google Earth helped me find this place somewhat close to my house that I never knew existed.

    Also, USPS now has my seeds on their tracking page so they should be arriving any day now...cant wait!
  9. Well...I ran into my first major issue today with my "awesome new spot" lol. Took all the soil out there today in the pouring rain but when I started to try and was the muckiest/rock filled clay ever. Would take hours to dig my 6 holes. Decided to just get some 5 or 10 gallon pots from the store since the area is all weeds, tall grass and thorns and will blend in well.

    How much more often will I have to water when in pots? I'm thinking twice a week...
  10. MY SEEDS JUST CAME IN!!! Time to get down to business tonight germinating...cant wait. Also found the 6.5 gallon green growing pots I'm going to use at my local Home Depot. They are roughly $10 each but better then shoveling for 10 hours in flooded clay and rock lol. Plans are coming together!
  11. Well....all 6 seeds germinated successfully and 2 have already sprouted in my drinking cups that I have with a baggy over them underneath a CFL...everything is going great

    How do you post pictures without posting them through a link??
  12. Nevermind...I figured it out;)

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  13. They are coming along nicely! Also, last night I took a bag of river rocks out to my spot and the 6 pots I bought from Home Depot and filled them with the river rock at the bottom and my soil mix on top.

    All that is left to do now is wait 2 weeks until they are ready to be hardened off to go outside...Im getting pumped!:D

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  14. The tallest one had the seed cover still stuck on it so today I tried to gently pulll it of and it tour half of the one colydon leaf. I was like FUCKKK lol.

    Will my plant be ok? Will this early stress make it more of a chance of being herm since it is a feminized seed??
  15. Please also read the comment I posted above and any advice would be greatly appreciated...if anyone is even paying attention to this rookie journal:smoke:

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  16. I do believe that herming is caused from random lighting. I.E one day it gets 7 hours of sun, the next it gets 3, the day after it gets 11.

    It'll probably stunt the growth a bit, until the newer leaves come around to pick up the slack.
  17. Well at least it was my tallest one
  18. Just an update...I put all my girls outside in their 6 gallon buckets last sunday and went back last night to water them and everything looks great so far. They are in full sun all day long and the grass around them is so tall that you cant even see the buckets until you walk right up on them.

    I will have pics in the coming days.

    I mixed the pots with a nice mix of top soil and peat moss that was really compact and crumbly. Made a great looking soil. Also put river rocks on the bottoms and about 2 inches of mulch on top to keep moisture in.

    Used a box of mothballs and 2 cut up bars of Irish Spring soap to keep the critters away.

    Looks like it could be a good fall.

    PS - one day last week when I was hardening them off and drunk lol, I accidently broke one of them so I only have 5 now instead of 6....but Im getting a clone of my moms homegrown since I already have a bucket out there mixed with soil and ready to go
  19. Going to water and fertilize my babies tomorrow...hopefully will have some good pics afterwards...sorry about the lack of pictures but I try and go out there as little as possible cause it is in the middle of a tall grassy field

    I'm hoping the fish emulsion fert I'm using doesn't attract animals. The moth balls and Irish Spring soap seem to be keeping them away for the moment.

  20. Hmm.. i'm gonna throw a couple of slices of Irish spring at my spot next time i go. Thanks:smoke:

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