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  1. this is my first grow ever. i just got a couple seeds from a friend in june. june 15th i put them in a shot glass and filled with water and took them out the next day and they began to sprout. i put them in small plastic pots with just potting soil and i stuck them in a green house for a couple weeks. then i transplanted them into potting soil mixed with hair, chicken dung, and egg shells. i moved those into the woods and i just water them when they look dry. two days ago i added some orchid food by mircale grow to make sure they have enough nutes. these are just pics from whenever i would go water them and check on them. i take two pics each time. if u have any suggestions to make the grow better it would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. the two most recent pics from yesterday

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  3. nice to see someone who isnt using extreme measures to grow herb. i like youre style! subbed
  4. Thank u sir. Trying to keep it easy as possible
  5. lookin good blitzed! if u wanna increase yield a bit, consider tying the top of the plants down a bit and get some good LST going. That will make the smaller branches towards the bottom branch up and give u more bud sites:hello:

    good luck and keep up the good work:smoking:
  6. Gonna try lst on one of the plants an see how it goes. Been reading a lot about it. Is it really as easy as just bending the plant or am I reading it wrong?
  7. Do u have to untie them at any point? Or will they be good through flowering? And is it going to get to heave and break the stem?
  8. nope, u can leave them tied all the way to harvest..although after a while the limbs u tied down will wanna stay where u tied them all on their own
  9. one baby turned male so i had to chop it up. heres my remaining baby after the hurricane

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