My First Lucid Dream?

Discussion in 'General' started by Wenani, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Hi I go on this forum all the time but never got around to becoming a member but I finally made the choice to join you all!
    Yesterday i took a nap and thought I may as well try to astral project myself (Just started not successful yet) and i fell asleep instead.. Well i had a dream that was very clear and memorable. I was at the edge of a extremely tall building about to jump, it was scary as hell and I did not want to fall, but all of a sudden a thought came clearly into my head and I thought "Its just a dream, I can do it!" and I felt total control of everything and i dove feeling so blissful, then I woke up.
    Does this make sense..? :/
    Thanks for reading my first post!

  2. Yeah absolutely, I have had many other dreams that made much less sense.
  3. Lucid dreaming is alright,
    but from what I have read astral projection is something beautiful that is needed to be experienced.
  4. if anyone remembers the movie (not sure what it's called) where theres like houese in the sky i dreamt i was there, jumped off and landed; i felt so badly hurt in my dream but i got up and it looked like I had been shot on cod with the blood around my line of vision hahah :p
    pretty cool dream 
  5. Only twice but I haven't tried in a long time.

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