My first LST what do you think?

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    Hello all
    My plants are 21 day's old,
    Today i made a LST after few days earlier i made topping.
    I want to know what you think it's first time.
    The first plant that you see in the photo down here was all ok.

    The second plant i made a mistake, 1 cola break and i think she's gonna die i will give her a few days to see what happen.

    *Photo 304 + 314 its "befor" photo and the other 3 photos its "after" photo

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  2. They look good :) If you break a stem, just tape it up so it won't get any infections. It should be okay.

    The lil dude here looks like he could do with a trim, helps in the long run with the air flow, they can get bushy really quickly so a little at a time is better than a 3rd of the plant in one go :)
  3. Haha ho im sorry, its the same one, just a before photo.
    I edited my post
  4. Ah, then you're all good :weed: (in my non-expert opinion!)
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