My first little grow.

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  1. Hi there!
    Here's my first attempt growing medicinal Mary Jane, I have a 400w MH lamp with inbuilt ballast. i don't know much about these lights but it seems to be doing the trick. First i started with two, they were a little slow at first as i had the lamp far too close and on a hot day the temperatures in the closet were somewhere in the 30s!! When i realised this was the case i installed a humidity/temperature reader. this helped me gauge better what i needed to do temp wise to keep my young seedlings under control. the large two at the front are apprx 3-4 weeks old now, (16th jan) and currently on an 18/6 light cycle, the others are new sproutlings that are thriving, apprx 2 weeks old also on the same light cycle. as you can see the sproutlings were in a water bath to keep them moist but now that they are older i have repotted the two larger of the six into larger pots and i believe the other 4 will be close to rootbound soon so will also need to be repotted. if i become space challenged i plan on either giving away half of them or extending my closet space and repositioning the lamp. these girls(power of positive thinking) have not been nuted or anything yet, but i believe there is slow release ferts in the potting mix and strawberry mix i have potted them in. however atm they are small and seem to be thriving in their environment. please could all of you gurus out there please just have a geez and tell me what you think as this is my first time and although ive done my research i am relatively new to this and would appreciate any advice. I have most likely missed a shitload but i'll post all the pictures i have, hopefully they say a thousand words. 20131230_221128.jpg 20131230_221330.jpg 20140103_220025.jpg 20131230_221333.jpg 20131230_221338.jpg 20140103_220025.jpg 20140103_220041.jpg 20140104_124201.jpg 20140105_214652.jpg 20140105_214704.jpg 20140105_214715.jpg 20140105_214724.jpg 20140113_053730.jpg 20140113_053742.jpg 20140116_111659.jpg 20140116_111703.jpg 20140116_111742.jpg 20140116_111659.jpg 20140116_111703.jpg 20140116_111709.jpg 20140116_111742.jpg 20140116_111737.jpg 20140116_111728.jpg 20131230_221338.jpg 20140101_220846.jpg 20140101_220943.jpg


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  2. Looks pretty good. Nice little setup there.

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