My first legal Oregonian grow 1000w 4x4 scrog

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    Updated: Check page 6 for some great flowering bud shots!

    Updated: Final weight and cured harvest pics are on page 9

    What's up blades! This is my first grow since I've moved to Oregon and cultivation has become legal :smoke:

    You can check out a few of my other grows in my signature; this is my first time using a 1000w light and tent, so any advice you can lend is great!

    Here's my setup:

    *Apollo 4x4x6.75 tent
    *Sun System 1000w HPS with XXXL hood
    *Vortex 6" 450cfm fan
    *iPower 6" carbon filter
    *Advanced Nutrients Sensi grow & bloom parts a/b, GH CalMag, and Earthjuice Micro nutrients
    *Fox Farm Happy frog soil in 7gallon smart pots

    Strains grown this round:

    *Blue Dream
    *Orange Crush
    *Kosher Kush

    I spent all day setting up the grow space, including my "custom" venting setup into the attick. Going to pick up the clones tomorrow.

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  2. Girls are finally in their new home!

    We have:

    3x Kosher Kush
    2x Blue Dream
    2x Orange Crush

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  3. So today i decided to build a table with water & mold proof lining on top so i dont have to move the plants to water them....well stupid me trusted the manufacturers measurements for the tent and they didnt fit...back to the workshop i guess...

    Plants are taking nicely to their new soil. Feeding 100% distilled water at this point, I'll probably start feeding them next watering cycle.

    Temperature is a steady 77 degrees and humidity ~45%.

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  4. .

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  5. I'd raise the light so you have at least 24" to 36" for the little plants,. At 1k watt of hid you'll get light bleaching if your not carefull even on mature plants..


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  6. Really? Ill take care of that today but figured it wouldnt hurt if the hood is cool to the touch.
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    The yellowing of leafs are some of the signs,..

    - some plants can handle it at 10" - other's maybe only 18" max

    Good thing is the green comes right back in a day or two,.

  8. Well i spent all day yesterday cutting up and reassembling the flood table and screen id built since it was an inch or so too big for the tent.

    Gonna throw these in the tent tomorrow and the girls will get their first feeding.

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  9. Got the flood table and scrog net in the tent! Girls are looking very happy, but now im concerned about vertical space
  10. 2/17

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    Day 8

    Plants are looking very happy. Gave them their first feeding this week and FIM'd the 4 strongest of them, probably do the rest later and let them go vertical a little more.

    Purchased a humidifier at GoodWill, and as you can see its working great.

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  12. That's way too many plants for a scrog in that tent. They need room. I'd do 3 probably, some guys would only do 1 and still get the same yield.

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  13. Are u using a hps bulb to veg?

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    Yes unfortunately it's an older magnetic, non switchable balast, however HPS does put out more lumens than MH.

    I'm not growing monsters, ive had 4 under a smaller net than this with decent results.
  15. looks nice, how long do you plan on vegging? That'll be a full screen for sure🏼
  16. Oh im sure it'll be packed, might have to sell one if they get too big.

    They've been in soil only 8 days so im thinkin 4 weeks. I like to play it by ear
  17. Hit up the hydro store and picked up some extra food for the ladies. I'd never heard of the micronutrients but the guy at the store recommended it so thought id give it a shot.

    I FIM'd the other 3 plants this morning and fed them all today.

    The 4 plants I'd FIM'd on the 20th (2 days ago) have not only not stressed, but area already shooting new growths! The genetics are resilient!

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  18. Day 13:

    So it's been almost 2 weeks since i put the girls into their 7 gallon pots from solo cups.

    I'm amazed everyday at how damn resilient these genetics are! Seriously; heat stress, low humidity, over/under feeding, nothing is too much for these girls! All of them are thriving and a lush bright green.

    Last watering, 3 out of 7 were beginning to "taco" upwards, which the gentleman at a local hydro store scared me and told me might be mites, but since feeding them the Cal mag and micro nutes, they're all healed up!

    They all absolutely blew up in 2 weeks! 6 out of 7 are already getting tucked below the netting.

    I will probably vegetate them another 2 weeks then switch to flowering stage.

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  19. Day 19

    The net has gotten completely crammed! The plants will have been transferred to their pots 3 weeks ago on Friday.

    Given their freakishly resilient genetics and growth speed, I'm going to switch lighting to 12/12 on day 21.

    Last feeding i did 70% AN grow and 30% AN bloom, to get them to transition into flowering stage.

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  20. what kind of pots are those??

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