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  1. Hello fellow blades I wanted to start this from day one but it just didn't work out as planned so I am starting it 24 days in.

    Strains: DNA Williams Wonder
    Auto Kush

    Soil: FF Ocean Forest

    Nutes: FF Grow Big
    FF Big Bloom

    My Tent is a DR120 (4x4x6) with a Super Sun II reflector with a 400wtt Solar Max bulb
    I have a Vortex fan regulated with a speedster to cool my reflector. I do have a fan blowing in the room just not in the pic's.
    As far as temps they are a little on the high side 80 degrees daytime and low to mid 70"s at night, and my humidity is running around 28%. Its really dry here during winter.....
    My light cycle is on 20/4, All is going well so far just gave them 1/4 strength Grow big last week and I think seeing as they are all starting to flower will be changing over to the Tiger bloom. I am just a little gun shy with nutes and auto's.... if anyone has any suggestions feel free and i will post new pics every other day or so.... enjoy all! :wave::smoking:

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  2. comments,questions, anything?..not feeling it lol
  3. Lookin good bro! Looks like a decent setup you got going! Cant wait to see end results.
  4. Going to be a bit cramped isnt it?
  5. Hey Thanks for the compliment! I will try to post new pics and updates soon! :D
  6. yes it might be a little cramped, my old tent was 2x4x5 and I had 6 lowryders in 2L pots it worked out and i beleve i have some pics of them if you click on my profile. I have never had williams wonder or the auto kush so we will see how it goes i guess. Not to impressed so far with the W wonder, seems like they all are different phenotypes and not very uniform at all. I could be worng but in the end I'm sure all will be fine. And if all else fails and it gets way to cramped i have my other tent that i could move some to. I think i am going to see if I can run a drip system to make watering easier. Thanks for checking my grow out and i will update soon. :D
  7. Just a couple of new pic's... The Auto Kush are really stretchin and the Williams Wonder are starting to flower nicely. :D

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  8. How far is your light away from your plants?
  9. Hello... at the moment I am keeping the distance at around 2 ft give or take. I have a vortex fan cooling my light so things stay pretty much on the cool side. I could have it lower but i need to try to keep an even distribution of light throughout the tent. :smoking:
  10. your plants are looking good man how long have you had them in flower? ive had mine flowering for approx. 40 days now u should check them out
  11. They are all auto's and they are 27 days old..They are supposed to be finished in 60 days but 70 days is more what i have experienced.. You grow looks awesome and you have some strains that i really would like to try. Have you ever grown any auto flowering strains?
  12. A few new Pic's..

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  13. whats up irocdan68!! nice garden you have going!! everything looks beautiful as of right now!! I'm diggin it .
  14. Hey thanks for checkin out my grow! Things are really starting to take off so stay tunned! Thanks again..:wave::wave::wave:
  15. HPIM0636.jpg


    Williams Wonder is starting to look nice :D
  16. Looking damn good bro! :D
  17. a few more pic's... HPIM0641.jpg

  18. Things are starting to bud nicely, The two tallest plants are the Auto Kush which seem pretty far behind the Williams Wonder. Didn't know what really to expect but I think they will be nice once they start to stack up more.. anyway I think my next watering will be with the tiger bloom again.... :wave::D

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  19. Thank you! and thanks for checkin my grow out...:D
  20. a few pic's of the Williams Wonder...:wave:

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