My first intense high

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    So I thought id share one of my first highs.

    this was in about 7th grade ( I started pretty early) me and my friends went to his house to go bake I his shed. he had just picked up a 50 bag of og kush and after we smoked about 2 bowls of it I didn't really feel much so I started finding little buds on the ground so I'd pick them up and smoke it by myself. so after about 10 minutes of chilling we decide we should go downtown and get some food. as we're leaving me and my friend start talking and he's like "I'm not even that high, are you?" and I'm like "nah" so right then my other friend picks up a leaf off the ground and puts it up to my face and starts twirling it and everything starts spinning and I black out, when i come back I notice I walked about 10 feet from where I originally were and that happened 2 other times within 10 minutes.

    has something like this ever happened to any of ya guys?
  2. well once i smoked so much my brain felt like it was on fire, but ive never greened/blacked out haha, thats pretty wild dude.
  3. it was honestly the craziest thing
  4. That's some trippy stuff.
  5. You were probably teleporting
  6. lol ive had that but it felt like I'd live for 5 seconds, miss 5 seconds over and over.
  7. One of the first times I got high I was at my friends house and he has this huge ass german shepard that liked to get up all in your face. I was so damn high that I didn't know the dog was sitting on me until he yelled at him to get off me. Good times
  8. I remember it so clearly to bad I wont have an experience like that again haha

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