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    Hey guys, first post and first indoor grow.

    Im doing an indoor grow right now in the corner in my shed. (calling it a shed makes it sound bad, its a shed furnished into a smoke hut). anyways, the area is about 4 sq.ft. , but its a triangle, so it might be a little bigger/smaller. i have it set up so im able to raise the top to about 7 feet if i need to for some reason but im planning on lst my plants and keeping them pretty low. Right now i one plant inside that starting to sprout. i only have one, and just wanna grow it just for the experience of indoor growing, even if its a male. its only 7 days in the pot, with 2 days of germination. Just because i can, im taking a daily pictures to show the growth of my plant. so ill show those throughout. i dont know if anyone will be checking this but ill be updating it daily....or almost daily. i have x6 23w cfl's that are supposed to give off 1600 lumes each, so i have roughly 9600 lumes/ they are daylight bulbs so i beleive they are at 6400kelvin. the lights are hung about 1-3 inches above the running this on a pretty tight budget, but plan on going to the store this weekend and getting some good fox farm fertilisers and all that good stuff. do you think this grow will work? i dont plan on changing off of cfl's, but i will adjust the kelvin between veg and flowering.

    also, i need advice on my walls. i really dont want to paint my walls white, because 2 of my 3 walls are actually walls. the third is a board. im having a really difficult time finding Mylar in my area and would perfer not to order it online. can anyone suggest a good medium that would be removable eventually? i hear good and bad things about aluminum foil, so whats the real deal with it? is there a really common garden center chain in the US that normally carries myar or any other store thats common that might have it? Please let me know, and if you took the time to read this, leave me a comment on my grow please :smoke: wanna make sure it is meeting up to indoor standards.

    Thanks for all your help and taking the time to read this.

    (fist picture is day 3, the next 2 are day 4, next 2 are day 5, next 2 are day 6 and the last 2 are day 7)

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  2. white walls shouldnt be a big issue, you have plenty of bulbs.

    you can get a lot more out of a 40W-42W CFL (2600 lumens) than a 23W one, i suggest upgrading to a higher grade bulb for more power

  3. thanks for the recommendation mike. i was looking for some more powerful ones when i was at the hardware store but the 23w was the highest they have. when they plant starts to get more vegetation i will probably go on a better search for better cfl's. thanks again.
  4. Here are some pics of my set up. ive germinated 2 more seeds on da 8 of the other plant to hopefully end up with at least 1 female. let us pray...

    OH in the pictures...yes...those are garbage bags on the walls...i needed to put something white there to make myself feel it was "complete". will those help at all? or harm it? or nothing?

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  5. At the end of Day 8 of my grow. I germinated a few other seeds, and both have been in soil for 2 days now. How am i doin?

    (first 2 pics are of my plant thats been growing for 8 days. the other 2 pics are of my 2 other seeds, only planted 2 days.)

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    So to keep my plants straight, my girlfriend has given each plant a nicknames. Grog is the biggest plant. Karpuzi is the plant in the middle, with Boom being the smallest one. K and B were germ'd and planted on the same day but K has always done better.

    I dunno if im worrying over nothing, But could somone explaine what that white stuff is on the leaves of my biggest plant is? are they some sort of deposites from my water? because its in the right Ph range.

    (First 2 pics are G and the third one is K. No pics of B today, my camera died while taking pics of K.)

    HAHA, Just realized together they are the KGB.

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  7. hmmmm looks very promising
  8. Day 10 for Grog and day 3 for Karpuzi and Boom. I am starting to call Boom Frankenstein cause it is one ugly plant. and its slow. whats up with it?

    First to are G like usual, Next is K and last is B. can anyone tell whats wrong with B? its not too hot, i put a thermometer next to it, only 74.

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  9. lol, i dunno but thats funny.
  10. No Pictures tonight. i ran out of batteries and i left my camera on so its dead. ill get some tomorrow. Grog is doing good though, as is Karpuzi. Frank is ugly as usual.
  11. Sorry dog but Im sure those bags aren't going to do nothing. They're so thin the lights just going to go through them. Trying going to your local sporting store and look for an emergency blanket, this is mylar and sold for like 5 bucks I think.

    Good luck on the grow bro. :smoking:
  12. haha. yeah i figured. ive been meaning to do that the past week but peen pretty busy. ill do that in the next day or so.
  13. Grow looks great man. Keep up the good work :smoking:
  14. looks pretty good there eh?
    how are the vampire nieghboors?
  15. and if possiable can i get a look at the full set up?
    i was wondering how close the lights are in perportion to the plants?
    thank you and nice grow.
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    Day 12 for G, day 6 for K and F (B is now F).

    Just got a new camera today so pictures are better :]

    So. im pretty worried about G. whats going on? im pretty sure its drying out, meaning its not getting enough water. is it that? or are my cfl's too close? about 2 inches away, 78º. one of those two things is what i believe the problem to be, maybe im wrong. on a brighter note, K is doing great! leaves are coming in nice and big, might be a little discoloration along the center vein, but ts too early to tell. and good ol' frank. Ugly as ever haha. but still alive.

    (F, followed by K, followed by G *Is G too hot or need water?*)

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  17. So i got irritated with Frank for being so ugly...and i was about to scrap him, when i realized there was a very thin layer of the shell still attacked to him, picked that off with a PDT i had lying around, and now frank doesn't look so ugly, a little light deprived, but i think he may live!
  18. It depends on what kind of lighting you use. If its cfls and fluros, like hextacys got, you can place them an inch to 2 inches away from your plants.

    I say don't give up on em lol. You never know your runt now could be the best one in a few weeks, thats what happened to 1 of mine.
  19. looks really good man.. cant wait to come out and check them out hah
  20. Day 14 of the grow.

    im becoming my plants personal paparazzi. i got my new camera and got nothing to take pics of other then my plants haha.

    ill try and get an updated pic of my set up soon. looks the same as i posted earlier but it has mylar on the walls and floor now. i need to do the top, just havent gotten around to doing it.

    G seems to be going much better in my opiion. its still a kind of dull green and the leaves are still curling under, but its improved haha.

    First 2 are G, second 2 are F ( one frim the morning and one taken at night to show improvement), last one is K. i keep getting really crappy side shots of K. its only like an inch tall. its a short little guy but miles ahead of G at its age.

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