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    So this is my first attempt at growing marijuana in my closet the more help and feedback from you guys the better so plz help!


    I'm germinating 6 seeds. So far, I've planted three (white widows) and put them into little pots covered with plastic in order to keep the soil damp.

    One of them has sprouted two green healthy looking leaves. should i remove the plastic on top of the pot after they sprout leaves?

    I have four 26 watt flourescent lightbulbs supplying them with light. too much too little? too early?

    I want to be able to grow healthy plants with a good yield, so if you guys can help out i would really appreciate it. :wave:

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  2. As soon as you see it sprout, you give it light, and you remove your plastic cover.

    Four 26w CFLs will not be enough light for 3 plants.
    BTW, you need better quality photos.

    Good luck!
  3. You don't have to remove the plastic lid right away as long as its clear just open it up a few times daily to fresh air. That way it keeps humidity high for a little while. Lighting looks good for now later you will need some more lights if your staying with CFL's. I would only use the plastic lid for a few days after sprout.
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate your help. I've been reading about when the best time to switch them from the vegetative state to the flowering stage and I've gotten when the plant is 1-2 ft long or preferably after 4 weeks.

    Now these are White widows and they are not autoflowering

    So was that information right or does anyone think differently?

    thanks alot, i will update with more pics soon:D
  5. Yea i would veg for 30-45 days or certain height, then flowering should be 8-10 weeks.
  6. I agree 30 days veg. is usually the norm for most indoor genetics with the exception of the sativa varieties which require little to no veg time. You can veg longer if you have the space but then you will probably need to do some training to keep them from getting to tall.
  7. First of all I'd like to thank everyone who's helped me this far; I've gotten that much closer to successfully grow healthy marijuana plants.

    I've already done a little research but I'm still confused about what to do about fertilization. I know what kind to get but I don't know how much and how often I should feed my plants fertilizer during the Flowering stage.

    I know I'm supposed to stop feeding them fertilizer when they're 2-3 weeks away from harvesting.

    Thanks alot everyone!
  8. Most important about fert is to not over use or over dose. As surely you've read, start very low doses and work up. I rarely fert in veg, using ffof soil usually 6 weeks from seed. I'll sex them by week 3 veg and trash the males. Starting 1/8 recommended dose 1 week after going 12/12.

  9. Yeah I did read about starting with low doses. So I start with 1/8 dose for week 1 after going 12/12, when do I increase that dose and by how much? I also read that I should only feed them with every other watering.

    Thanks everyone

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