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  1. hey guys and gals, im growing 1x dark devil auto and 1x red poison auto and its my first time growing indoors (had a great outside grow that got around 6 ounces for one plant a year or 2 back) and i would like to know what you think of it so far. im about 20 days in :3

    im using a 200 watt duel spectrum cfl for lighting, installing a fan next week and for when the plant starts flowering im using ace of buds weight additive
    sorry in advance for shitty quality pictures, ill have better ones in a couple of weeks.
    spot the grow box :p
    shhhh, they're sleeping
  2. more pics to follow..........
  3. some better pics, still not that great quality but ill have a better camera by harvest c:
    1526536_3847100033698_642217449_n.jpg 1522252_3847100273704_2026547463_n.jpg 1011446_3847100833718_1935016566_n.jpg 154491_3847100593712_1186231414_n.jpg
    also just had a closer look and it looks like they're gonna start flowering very soon :D
  4. Add more light, the plant will reward you if you do.
  5. the lights are off atm, and the light thats in there takes up alot of space. ill take a picture of the grow box in more detail tomorrow when the lights are on so you can get an idea.
    thanks for the reply though, can you tell me if the plants look healthy or if theres any problems with them? i dont think there is but its good to get a second opinion
  6. They look fine. you could dress the top of the soil with some compost to help hold some moister and give it some nutrition. The soil looks dry in the pics.
  7. yeh good idea, the soil is moist a couple of cms down so i thought i would wait a bit before i water them next but ill deffo put some compost on them
  8. last pics for now, as you can see the CFL fills the box alot
    1560563_3847390520960_208560779_n.jpg 72953_3847390240953_2008566187_n.jpg 1520705_3847389760941_2073954946_n.jpg
    it looks alot darker than it actually is, in reality its like having a mini sun in there
  9. Better off with a bunch of small ones in my opinion. You definitely aren't the most outta that light. Even if you turned the light somehow so it was running level above the plants that'd help. I like your creativity on that desk haha
  10. thanks!! i cut out the back and the floors of all the drawers to make it one big open space then boarded up the space at the bottom under the desk. the light escapes a bit but i put some shirts over it and it works pretty well. i thought about hanging the light so it would run along the top of the box instead of dangling down but due to the roof of the box not being flat i couldn't :/ on the plus side though i made it so i can pull the part of the desk the hanger is attactched to out to adjust the distance between the CFL and the plants
    just added some home made compost on to the soil
  12. made a reflector, not to bad in my opinion.
    1061585_3850068947919_1518677271_n.jpg 1552855_3850068907918_2131964229_n.jpg
  13. managed to get a nice close up. looks like the first flowers will be out within the week :D
  14. first flowers are starting to appear. one plant's a little bit behind the other but oh well, ill just let that one grow for a little while longer than the other
    DSC_0001.JPG DSC_0002.JPG DSC_0003.JPG
  15. mmanaged to modify the grow box a bit better, now the light shines from above.
    1557460_3882634522038_1905041378_n.jpg 1509997_3882634202030_706871978_n.jpg
  16. end of the first week of flowering, should i expect low yeilds?
    1604641_3882634362034_80669152_n.jpg 1010621_3882634682042_1344343441_n.jpg 12352_3882633962024_1798871831_n.jpg
  17. bro! where r the budsites??? look im using cfls also put that sucker within aninch of the plant bro even a mm away if fine if leaves burn cut the burnt off, u can add some more small cfls i think ittl help u flower with power! how long did u veg those things??? did u use nutrients, get flowering nutreints 15-30-15, im using with good results
  18. my girls have been vegging six weeks ill flower them in a week or two just want the tops to recovber from the epic fimming i did to them, good job tho ur light looks legit im using 6-8 13watt cfls, not the strongest but they work, one bulb is a 27 watt in the middle, but ye, goodluch eh remember to keep it real dark for the 12hr dark period eh water them before lights out
  19. yeh i got a 200w cfl, its mega hot though so i cant put it to near the plants. i had to get heat resistent tubing to keep it suspended. i vegged for about 3-4 weeks i could do any longer though because they are auto's. not using nutes yet but on the last 2 weeks of flowering im gonna start using weight additive. cant add any more cfl's though because theres no more space

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