My First Indoor Grow - Suggestions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sarufang, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. So i am just getting ready to start my first indoor grow, i should mention this is my first grow but i want to go all out and get everything perfect and continue to keep growing so money is not an option when suggesting.

    The current materials i have purchased so far are:

    Please comment on such things that i am missing, i don't know what soil i should get or make and use, also should i be trying to get some more light? and if so can you suggest some lights i should look at "Growing 1-3 plants atm"

    Also i really need help with what to grow in and where to grow, the choices for where to grow are either my closet or i have a outdoor secure shed available.

    And as far as what to grow in i've been looking at things like the aerogarden pro 200 / bubbleponics / some pre built hydro sets / grow tents and things along that nature and really really need advice on somethign easy and that will yield good results for me.
  2. If money is no object then I would invest in MH and HPS lighting and it looks like you need some fans along with an exhaust fan. I'm not saying you can't have a grow with cfl, but to do anything other than mh/hps is just child's play. Either location is fine, just as long as security is in place to avoid detection with the outside shed. Good luck.
  3. I too am doing my first indoor with strawberry cough, i'm using a 1000w switchable ballast until my mother is ready to be cloned (any day now)
    then i'm moving her under a 400w MH and budding under my 1000w switchable
    on a 4ft mover ran long ways in a 4.5*7.5 room with a 10" can fan and filter on one side scrubbing @ 710 cfm with a co2 distributor keeping it @ 1200 ppm and Humbolt county nutes in dirt.
    Just letting you know how i'm doing it, keep me updated and i will do the same.:smoking:
  4. Thanks for all the feedback and i will definitely update you on my grow progress, as for recommending new lights and any other needed materials these 2 stores are the best online i have to choose from near me.

    Hydroponics Equipment Australia, Hydroponic Supplies Australia, Online Hydroponics Store Australia - Carbon Filters - Australia's Best Online Hydroponic Store for hydro setups, hydroponic lighting and hydroponic nutrients.

    So feel free to make any suggestions on lights and other things i may need that i could purchase, remember i want the best out of my plant i can!.
  5. Thanks a lot for the replies and i will keep you updated on my grow also, so I'm living in Australia and the main online sites i have been looking at are

    Lights, Ballasts, Shades, Kits - The Grow Room - Carbon Filters - Australia's Best Online Hydroponic Store for hydro setups, hydroponic lighting and hydroponic nutrients.

    If you could give me some suggestions on lights and other equipment i will need to get the most out of my plant, also i have been thinking about setting up a cupboard ebb and flow system and i was wondering will the plant / plants spend it's whole life in that system or will i need more space and another system to transfer it into.

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