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  1. Hello everyone as it says i am doing my first hydro grow i am very excited and cant wait for the outcome.. at the moment i am still waiting on my mothers to get bigger so i can cut some cloners. but at the moment i have the tables and the room ready to go . i am flushing the the hydroton for 1 week to get all the bad stuff. i mixed my water with clearex to get the sodium and all the baddies out.

    at the moment i am running with

    2x 2x4 tables
    2x 264 water pump
    2x big air stones with air pump
    2x bags of hydroton
    45 gallon res
    tubbing and all other goodies

    for nuets i will be using super natural grow aqua and bloom aqaua along with moab and bud candy.

    i am very excited about this grow and would love if people would help me out with any advice they have for me.. i may have left some details out and if so please just let me know. thank you :smoking:.
  2. I looked up the Lavender online, it looks like a pretty cool looking grow. Good luck
  3. You made no mention about lighting or ventilation?

    Where did you get the 2x4 tables and how much?
  4. im sorry frogot to metion that... i will be using 2 ballasts i managed to get from a old family friend they hold 4 40watt cfl tubs . i will be using 1 on each table so it will come out to around 160 on each table for veg. when its time to flower i will be using 2 400watt hps that will be cooled by a 4inch can fan that is hooked up to a water cooled so super cool in there .

    and for the tables i got them froma local hydro store for 60 each better deal than a 4x4 in my opinion
  5. Watercooling is kindof overkill for those, perfect.

    You shouldn't even bother with the cfl's, you can veg just fine with those HPS's and save yourself some trouble.

    Sounds like a solid setup.
  6. what do you think the price for the cfls compared to the 2 400s do you think there would be a major increase or decrease in the electirc bill
  7. Lavender is a gold mine. Thats one of my FAVORITE strains of all time. From my personal favorite breeder, Soma. That guy rules! Sorry man but I gotta give ya love for the lavender! ++:hello:
  8. Thank you , yea this is my first time with lavender so we will see they mothers i am cutting clones from are amazing i will have pics up soon 1 more week for the mothers then flipping the switch then the fun begins.
  9. Pics coming soon of the n:bongin:ew hydro grow room and my mother tent waiting for them to get bigger for the clonies:smoke::bongin::bongin:
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  11. It shows there that there are 20 pots i will be removing 2 on each table making it a total of 16. i will have pics of the mothers later tonight for u all..... come on guys give me some feed back dont be shy:smoke:
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    the little one a a tranwreck autoflower i happened to come up on so i decided to try it out.... i made the tent out of pvc pipe and some simple poly.. works great and is way cheaper than buying a tent imo.. give me somefeedback on the mothers. the big ones are 18 inchs and are the ideal height i want for me to flip the switch but due to the fact that no plant grows at the same speed i am waiting for the the others to at least hit 16-18 inchs. thank you and give me some lovin:smoke:
  13. hey bro, looks like your in for a nice run with those tables.

    if you haven't done it yet, put a brace across the center of that res tub. when it's full of water the sides can give out

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