my first grow!!

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  1. hey everyone, this is my first contribution to the citys grow journal page.

    This is my first ever serious grow attempt and have found grasscitys forum to be off great help with all my grow room is an area which measures 8 feet long 6feet wide 6feet high i used mylar foil as walls and roof which is stapled to a timber has (on one end) a 300mm opening with ducting for fresh air intake,at other end of room (at top of room) more 300mm ducting which houses an inline fan housed inside a box filled with insulation to muffle the noisy bloody fan.

    went for full hydro set up using perlite as medium,ive got a60ltr main tank for my nutes which feeds a smaller tub by gravity, the smaller tub has a pump on a timer which feeds my pots 4 times every 4 hours in the light period only,it drains though perlite over roots and out bottom of pot and back into tub.i have an air stone and aquarium water heater in tub also.

    theres 4 400w hps lights in the room but im just starting out with two until the plants are bigger(i have two plants) so one for each plant for now.

    i started with clones in rock wool and transplanted to pots after 12 days under fluro, they are now 14 days old after transplanting, one of them is only 13cm high but very thick and bushy, it has very dark foliage and roundish leaves which consist of some very broad leaves and some skinny leaves (hopefully someone can tell me what strain this is?)
    the other one is much taller at 30cm high and has lighter coloured leaves and is also very bushy, today i tied it down to let the lower branches grow out , and then when they get bigger í'll tie them down also.

    so far i think everything is going well for a first timer!
    unfortunately i dont have a digital camera so i cant post any pictures yet but i'll try to borrow one and get some pictures on here soon, hopefully someone finds my journal worth a read! i'll post an update in a week or so, bye for now!!
  2. thanks for the kind words, after looking into plant strains on different internet sights i think you were right on the ball with my little nugget plant being a crossbreed, and i hear what your saying about grow space but from where i come from if you get busted with two plants its only a fine and a slap on the hand, so just playing it safe. besides im hoping two will give me more than enough for a great smoke!!

    ill keep u posted on their progress.....later!
  3. Your plants sound really good. I will use your facts and post experience for my setup. I hope mine will grow as good as yours is right now. Thanks for the post and the facts. Please keep us all posted on your newgrowth.
  4. I think you got a good setup going. If I were you I'd save some electricity or fill up the closet, for 4 400w lights is way unnecesary, I have six plants under 150w hps and 55w of flo. and mine are reaching three feet and beautiful. So I think the best thing would be to utilize all the equipment you got and fill the closet. Jail is but a sorryful excuse to not grow but is not an excuse to not fill your closet. With that setup and 4 400w lights there gonna take you away anyways cause you have the potential to grow bigger... and that's my opinion on the situation, have fun grow big and smoke....

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