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  1. Well this thread is devoted to my first grow
    Some Specs:
    • Bagseed
    • soil
    • Started indoors
    • 25w floro +1400 lumens
    • in a deskdraw
    • started in cups
    • started germinating 4/11
    right now i have 3 plants
    • Plant 1: 5 or so inches tall, growing 4th node
    • Plant 2 and 3: bout 2 inches tall, growing 3rd node
    the lights have been on 24/7 untill last sunday when i swichted to 12/12 because i want to sex early, im hoping for 2 females and 1 male im going to plant the stronger female outside in the woods by a lake the conditions r perfect for growth there the other 2 i want to put in cut off 2 liters in my friends shed so i can grow some seeded bud and try indoor too

    i will post pics every couple days this is one over all for u to see now i posted it in another thread so heres the link
  2. well i think i need more light but im not worried about it till i finish sexing them someone plz answere this question, ive had them on 12/12 for a little over a week now and they arnt showing signs of sex yet so if anyone can help me out w/ this plz do but right now just judging by hight and growth is that the 2 small ones are female and the big one is male just because i know i have read that females grow slower and are smaller and that males grow faster and get taller but either way the damage has stopped on all new growth but wut im planning to do is to transplant the females in june to a nice patch of woods next to a lake by where im gonna be workingso ill beable to check it regularly

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  3. hey man you need to transplant NOW. you also need to get some more light. i would say take them off the 12/12. you are planting them outside right? i see no need to sex them early unless you are not going to be able to visit them frequently. people usually only early sex them if they are doing a closet grow or sog. just a thought man. good luck
  4. ^^^ good advice..... plants generally won't show their sex until they become sexually mature (around a month or 12")
  5. Hey guys thx for the advice comedy and smokeem i actually changed to 18/6 right before i checked the threds they r doing good but i dont think ill beable to plant them outside till the first week in june because thats when my job starts and right now its kinda outta the way to get to and i live in illinois and weather here is unpredictible and if theres a big storm i want to beable to check up on them right after also there are these weird ass ducks that live on the lake their like 3-3.5 tall kinda a greenish brownish blackish and always look like thier molting and there heads kinda look like a vultures head w/ a duck bill and i want to beable to keep an eye on those birds and if anyone know wut kinda ducks these r plz help me out and i want to kno if i need to be worried about them eating my babies or their buds
  6. well this is really weird but since last night my big plant kinda started to look really bad its 1st and 2nd node leaves turnned yellow and died and the others sets wernt looking good but besides that the other 2 look great
    pics probly tomarrow i cant my camera to work
  7. well the grow is goin good the 2 little ones r looking great i pinched the growth after the 4 node and they seem to be resonding well besides that i read about using yeast to increase the amount of CO2 in the box and i think i might get another light in there if i can find a cheap lamp at walmart or something

    well i think wut i really want to do after this grow is do a sweet grow w/ my freind i want to buy 3 or 4 different seed strians and try different combos of breeding them to get my own strain of pot i plan on doing soil under high power floros and some good spectrum grow lights from pets mart

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  8. well i looked all over google and i think i figured out that their muscovy ducks theyre wild i think or they got away from their owner anyone got any sugestions about the damn ducks and the sites i found said they eat plants, does anyone have any evperiance if they will eat my plants or not or should i plant they further away from the lake just incase
  9. looks like the tips are turning greay and may be getting burned? is that just the camera
  10. actucally slight acid burn but either way theyre looking great ill get more pics up when i have a chance
  11. You need to transplant NOW, as said in an above post. Those cups are way too small to grow a healthy plant in. You're gonna need pots way bigger than those.


    no excuses, buddy
  12. ^ he's right. when you peel away those cups you are going to be really surprised at how big the root system is already. get them into bigger containers immediately.
  13. the ducks shouldn't mess with your plants. they tend to prefer water plants and stuff. they do most of their eating in the water.
  14. THESE will solve your lighting issues
  15. i just transplanted them into bigger pots that they will be in till the 4th or 5th of june so i dont think im gonna buy a new fixture this weekend and set it up till then so they will grow like champs

    i dont know why i haddent got a pic up yet of the biggest one in the bottom half of a 2liter bottle but i put the other 2 in biggerpots and they will get about 2 weeks 2 get bigger till they go out into the wild
  16. well i got some pics of the little devils i will be planting them outside on the 4th of june so i didnt go too big on the pots im just gonna plant them strait up in the soil no inside a pot in the soil

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  17. do those pots have holes punched in the bottom?! if not expect some nasty root rotting... they need drainage..

  18. they have rock in the bottom and i dont overwater enough that it would be a problem
  19. no i meant, is there holes punched into the bottom of the cups?? rocks at the bottom are great, but its the composition of perlite and soil that allows for drainage, not necessarily the corse graps left by the rocks at the bottom...

    if you dont have holes punched, you need to do so immediatly, if you do, good luck with the rest of the grow.. i will be following :)

  20. well i FIMed the big one yesterday
    i didnt know if it would work but i took the clippings off the biggest 2 branches and started to see if it would clone if it doesnt work no biggy but hey if i get 2 extra plants outta it wut the hell right
    ill probly get pics tomarrow

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