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    Currently I am growing a plant and was wondering for any tips on what to do with the baby leaves.

    they are looking a little wilted but still perky

    should I cut them off to give the rest of the plant more of their energy?

    I've uploaded a picture and they are the bottom leaves.

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  2. You can prune them off using pruning shears or other like sharp devices. Most of the time they will fall off on their own. Good looking plant you got growing there!

  3. Thanks. Its all natural and loving the sunlight from my window right now.

    Its only 4 weeks old

    The seed leaves turned a little yellow so I pulled them off

    so would you recommend that I prune the single leaves off or just let them do their bit and fall off themselves?
  4. It needs more sun, put it outside.
  5. Pray its a lady!

  6. Agreed. Its really stretched. If you put it outside and let it get a full days sun it will really take off.

    Good Luck.
  7. youve post in the wrong section but my advice would be not to trim anythin of that plant for another few weeks

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