My first grow!

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    Hey guys.
    Been reading the forum alot lately and trying to take in all this great info.

    Heres my shot at growing.
    I'm just growing some bag seed now so I can get the hang of everything before spending money on good seeds.

    I'm growing in my closet and have about a 23"x23"x4' area to work in.
    The soil I'm using is from walmart, its called Expert Gardener Perfect Mix, and if I read the label right it has a NPK rating of 10-6-8.

    I'll be going the LST method.

    And for lighting I'll be using CFL's.

    I've been reading the forum a lot the past few days trying to take in all this great info!

    OK so here's what you really want...PICS!

    my first sprouts yesterday


    what they looked like tonight, also added 3 more new sprouts.


    Thanks for lookin!!
  2. hey guys, a lil update

    i transplanted my sprouts from the small cups to some bigger peat pots.
    i had a lil trouble transplating and one didnt make it, i'm down to 10 now.

    They all have the first set of real leaves
    some of the ones that had longer stems i planted a lil deeper in the peat pots.

    I also noticed most have a deep purple color in the stems, is that common?

    heres a few pics

    If im lucky and everything works out good i'll be able to harvest in time for 420, which is 10 weeks away
  3. i need some help with my plants.
    one has a big brown spot on its leaf, and the others seem to be pointing up instead of kinda laying down.
    heres pics to help show

    Could the spot be a burn spot?
    my lights are bout 2-3 inches from teh top of the tallest plant

    thanks guys
  4. Looking good lowrolla. Wish I could answer your questions but I'm in the midst of my first grow as well. Hope things go well for you!
  5. looks like heat burn or too much food
  6. well i havn't added any nutes.

    and i went ahead and raised my lights up a lil more

    thanks guys!
  7. yeah if you didn't add nutes then must have been the cfl. Just raise it an inch or two and you'll be fine!

    I'll be watching.
  8. i moved the lights up a lil bit, so hopefully that will help my problem.

    i actually had 2 fall over on me.
    i recently got a fan and had it blowing on them, maybe it was fan that made them fall?


    im gonna stake them up in hope that they'll live on.

    also some plants that had their leaves pointed up now have the leaves kinda floppy

    i watered this morning, droopy leaves indicate too much water right?

    interesting enough, the one plant that had the brown spot is showing the most progression into the 2nd leaf set.

    thanks for helping guys
  9. Any updates?
  10. my spouts died a long time ago, and i kinda just gave up.
  11. Typical stoner =)

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