My first grow!

Discussion in 'General' started by Seamonkeyca, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. harvesting is just around the corner.
    I think I did well for my first :)

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  2. Did very well, don't harvest early tho, you got a while left from the looks of it. The buds will fatten up more.
  3. Ok thanks , they'll be 11 weeks from seed Monday.
    I'm a noob so I'm kinda a anxious. Lol
    Their trainwreak autos btw
  4. Most new growers harvest early their first time, so I know exactly how you feel as we were all in your shoes before, and many of us didn't listen when people told us to wait ;)

    You are getting very close tho. Keep an eye on the trichomes. Gonna be a huge yield :)
  5. You did fucking awesome for first grow tbh [​IMG] my purple diesel a few weeks ago

    [​IMG] same girl about 5 days ago now she was supposed to be 7-8 weeks flower but its been 11 weeks now started her flush 5 days ago too. Good luck youve done amazing
  6. Trainwreak autos
  7. Thank you!
    I guess I started my flush a little early also :(
    Know for next time
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  8. Your plants look really good
  9. Doesnt matter just flush for longer u done it now tbh they'll eat up what nutes theyve stored its all good looks like youve done loads already plus it was you're first time my first grow wasnt all that youve done awesome seriously

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    I was guna say 3-4 weeks before its ready at least
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  10. You really think that long? The one on the left started flowering earlier than the other.
    And over the last 5 days hasn't taking much water as the other taking it every day still.

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