My First Grow

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  1. :love-mj:My First Gro

    Soil : standard potting soil
    Pot : 10 liter bucket
    Nutes : worm tea , seaweed concentrate
    Light : outdoor
    Strain : Northern Lights Fem
    Where : South Africa

    These are the pics of my progeress so far !!


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  2. 10 liters is good for autos as few go past 60 days these days

    for you on photos make 15 liters the min as 20 liters is great

    it works out at about 1 liter of soil per week the plant is with you

    thus avoiding root bound-ness

    as ur in Sth Africa you be in Winter?

    20 liter pots is good for insulation too

    good luck
  3. Thanks man ! , will definitely use a 20 liter for my next grow
  4. Hey man! Fellow South African!

    How did it go? Please send more pics!

    Did you by any chance use Gromor compost? Seagro liquid fertilizer?

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