My First Grow!

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  1. Hello GC! After months of planning and getting equipment, time, space, seeds, etc. I am finally starting my first grow out of my closet. The space I have to work with is about 2'x3'.



    1x Serious Seeds White Russian
    1x Sensi Seeds Northern Lights #5 x Haze

    400w Ballast (dimmed to 200w)
    Air Cooled Reflector
    1x 400w MH bulb
    1x 400w HPS bulb

    2x Gen Hydro Drip Systems
    GENERAL HYDROPONICS: WaterFarm Individual
    Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro, Bloom (1L each)
    Gen Hydro KoolBloom Dry
    1lb odor sponge
    Rockwool cubes w/ tray
    2x fans




    I obviously started the two seeds in seperate cups to distinguish them.


    After a day I moved the to the paper plate method, I read somewhere it works best if you do both. The day after the WR popped out its tap root and my other didn't. So I soaked a rockwool cube for 30mins and stuck the seed in. I put under my 200w MH at a good distance. The next day my NL5xH finally popped the tap root so I did the same thing. Here is the result of the WR being under light for 2 days and the NL5xH under for 1.


    That's where I'm at so far! If anybody has questions ill gladly answer and if anyone has suggestions ill take them into account.
  2. Looking good, I don't know why your light looks to have a green tint in the picture?
  3. I have no clue either. Probably just my camera.
  4. Here is the White Russian


    And the Northern Lights x Haze


    This one doesn't look as good as the other and both look like they're stretching. Any tips?
  5. Looking good. Stick em Closer to your lights to prevent Stretching :)
  6. Well its hard to see but one of the leaves from the first set in the second pic looks burnt so i moved the light away. Was that a mistake?
  7. Looks fine to me, but can't really see much. Simply put your hand just above your plant, see if your hand gets too warm. If its too warm for you, its too hot for your plant. How far are you lights away currently?

  8. Right now there about 2ft away. The plant is growing fine but the black mark on the leaf scared me lol. Everything seems to be fine.

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