My first grow with help from your andwers.

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  1. This is my first attempt at a real grow using all the answers to questions posted here.

    I am growing Super Silver Haze (fem),


    Super Lemon Haze (fem),


    Big Bang (fem, auto).


    in a grow tent 4X4X8.


    I have a 400w hps/mh light kit, 6in fan/filter combo, and 6in booster intake fan.



    So far so good

    I germinated and planted on 7/6 and took these pictures today. Let me know what you think for my first time. I think I am doing okay. So far I have had no problems and I hope it continues this way.

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  2. I'd say you're doing a great job. Nice coloring and size. What soil and nutes are you using?
  3. no nutes as of yet and the soil is m/g.
  4. What kind of MG? are you going to use nutes?
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    The bag says potting mix with micromax nutrients. continuous release plant food for 6 months. I wasn't going to use this because of all the replies to soil posts about not using miracle grow products because you don't need all the nutes and food for a couple of weeks. but I figured I would give it a shot. would you recommend using nutes at this point with this soil? I don't want to put them into shock or even burn them. When I transplanted them into the 5 gal buckets, I used miracle grow quick start in the water.
  6. Its better to avoid time released nutes because you can't control how much is released at a time. Try getting a different kind next time. MG makes a decent organic soil that I've heard is good. The plants are old enough now for nutes. I use the Fox Farm trio and some other stuff including fish emulsion and kelp extract to name a couple. It really depends on your budget and preferences
  7. I always said that if I was to do it then I want to do it right. What about adding co2 and if so, how? not like burning a candle will work. I seen these tablets that you dissolve and add into the water. but that doesn't work if I am still on the 24 hr light sched. Now is where I get stuck. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.
    1. at what point do I reduce the lights on?
    2. when do I switch bulbs to flower?
    3. can I take leaves from an auto flower and clone it?
    4. adding co2

    thats all I can think of for now.
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    I keep my plants on 24 hour light until I decide to flower and That's when I put them under 12/12 light and that's also when I switch the bulbs to softwhite. I don't know about autos but I don't think you can clone them. Ask someone else to verify. I use a yeast CO2 generator. Don't know how well it works but I use it

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