my first grow. [updated frequently]

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  1. leave the 2 exhausting and cut hole for passive intake...more xhaust should create some negative pressure pulling fresh air in...then focus on a wall mount or floor standing(takes up more room) circular oscillating fan if you can...worth its weight in gold imho
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    the only problem about the intake i have is stealthness, i have everything light sealed, and i have a light trap over the exhaust and i feel like if i were to put a light trap over the hole that it would defeat the purpose...

    also i have 30 bucks for the rest of this grow, not a penny more so i have made a list for when i go to home depot next week.

    I am going to build a light fixture that lets the lights hang horizontally, with 3 lights on one side and 2 on the opposite.

    so as for the bulbs i am buying a 4 pack of 23 watt cfl's for 8 bucks

    5 sockets for 2.98 each

    and a timer for 6 bucks ( ABSOLUTE NECESSITY )
  3. do your thing bro...;)def sounds like you got a grip on it.:hello: just suggestions.:wave:

  4. no, no, no. by all means, give me your suggestions! As seen by your threads your obviously an experienced grower, so any help from you would be greatly appreciated. Im just asking, will four or five cfl's require a cool air intake? or is an exhaust fan, and a fan that lays on the floor good enough?
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    ok, so i just flipped the bottom fan to make it intake, and then i added the fan that was on the floor, up top for exhaust. hopefully when i add the other cfl's i can maintain a good temperature.

    i noticed that fan up top is pretty loud, any one know of any ways to muffle some of the sound?

    edit, i just realized that there needs to be absolutely no smell, i swear my mom can smell shit for miles.
    so now i need to make a carbon filter. do the plants smell a lot during the veg stage?

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  6. does the carbon filter mask the smell well? because i can just make one to fit over the exhaust fan.
  7. if all goes well with this grow im gonna get some super lemon haze for next time. :D
  8. gotta love slh. some phenos can get really tall....:eek:

    not much penetration with dem cfl's. might think about a strain that grows a bit shorter. Blue Cheese is a is l.a confidential.

    or not...just suggestions. im sure youll grow anything just fine!!:wave::D
  9. try thc bomb, or Smile. I am growing smile right now and she is bushy as hell. I know a grower that has the thc bomb and it is the same way... very compact bushes, great for cfl
  10. they all look so delicious, so i really don't mind :D but in my little grow closet i am pretty limited in width, not so much height. so i don't know how wide these plants get ( since ive never grown ) so ill just have to see. hopefully the paint will reflect some of the light to the sides
  11. still waiting on the little fucker to sprout, god i have no patience.
  12. Ok, so i went to home depot today to pick up some stuff for my new light fixture. I am now running 4, 23 watt cfl's. When i got back i looked at my plant and shes out! :D
    So now the journey officially begins. :)

    Day 1

    the little green dot in the pictures is her. :hello:

  13. Congratulations!!!! Woo hoo! Its an exciting day. Good to see the lights sideways. They emit more lumens from the sides
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    im excited to see her grow, though if it was a male i would flip shit.

    and i concluded that im most likely going with northern lights for next time, for the low odor and it supposedly grows short.
  15. alright guys just a little update, i added a carbon filter so now my box is officially finished! :D im so excited to grow some bud now! :metal:
  16. Right on man!
  17. so my light fixture fell twice the last two days over night, so i had to make some repairs. Luckily this happened will the plant was little, and not poking out of the pot, or else she would've been a goner. should be good now though, and growth is steady.
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    Ok so as of now i just have 2, 23 watt cfl's for its seedling stage. once it enters veg im going to make it 4. BUT THEN, sometime in the near future im getting a big daddy cfl ;)

    SpringLight 68-Watt (300W) Soft White Household CFL Light Bulb (1-Pack)-28968RP at The Home Depot

    which will bring my wattage up to 160, for one plant.
    I am planning on using the lst method where you train it around the pot for maximum, top action. :D

    heres just a little picture to show her to you guys. :yay:
    although the two little seedling leaves are just growing straight up, instead of drooping like normal, is this anything to be concerned about?

    edit; nvm i figured its been like 3 or 4 days since it has sprouted, but its only been 1 -__-

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  19. Looking good, sometimes seedlings will look strange due to breaking free from the seed. Nothing to worry bout. I love LST, if u need any tips just ask.

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