my first grow. [updated frequently]

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    Alright guys, i decided to give a shot at growing. I threw together this little micro grow closet which gives me enough room for one plant. I plan to keep a journal of my grow from the little seed, to hopefully a plentiful ( for the amount of space) harvest. :D I hope you guys will be able to help with whatever problems i encounter on this grow, and be able to watch the little plant progress.

    I have 2 seeds germinating right now, so i can ensure one sprouts.
    I have my grow box armed and ready for this little fella to grow. :hello:
    i would say that the box is about 2.5 feet tall and 1 foot wide and long.

    p.s. i know i screwed up the exhaust by putting it towards the bottom. :)

    The first picture is to show how discreet it is ( everything was on ) and how it was completely light proof-ed. The rest are pretty self explanatory.

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  2. do you have more lights ready for this grow? I say grow at least two plants because I have gotten about 50/50 male/female. you want to be sure you get a female, would hate to see you put tons of effort into male... just my opinion, i know that anytime i grow 1 seed, it's a male, but if i grow two at a time it's split male/female
  3. I dont have any more lights right now, do i need more lights? I read that plants require the minumum of 100 watts which my 23 watt cfl is. I have about 10 seeds or so, but i dont think i have room to grow two, the space is pretty compact so i think one would be tricky alone. Hopefully the paint is able to reflect light to the rest of the plant. Also to note, this is an extremely low budget grow too, everything in there is from around the house. The only thing i was planning on buying was a timer. Would an additional 2 cfl's help much?
  4. ok... i was confused about the whole watt's thing with cfls... you need about 4 more of those 23 watt cfl bulbs you have, that would give you 115 ACTUAL watts. you only go by the small number in cfl lighting.

  5. I still don't get it, why does it say that the 23 watt equals 100 watts then on like the packages, such as here;
    Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs - 23-26 Watt - 100 Watt Equivalent -
  6. I know, but its the lumens that matter. Watts are the power it takes to light the bulb. So a 23 Watt cfl glows as bright as a 100 Watt incandescent bulb. I promise u that it is the small number u want to follow
  7. Incandescent bulbs are no good for growing. Even though they are bright.

  8. alright, will the little seedling be fine for now with just one bulb?
    Ill make a trip to walmart in the near future and pickup a timer and some bulbs.
  9. yep itll b fine:wave:
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    alright, sweet. Also my area is 30.5 inches tall, and about a foot wide and long.
    What would be the best method to get as much bud as possible with this setup?
    i.e [super cropping, lst'ing, fimming] ?
  11. a little of everything. all of the above
  12. Hey man. Seems we're both at the same stage. Its my first grow as well, I'm kinda overdoing it with details and pics if you need to compare notes.
    What's your strain?

  13. just a seed out of some reg, haha. but it is only my first grow, so im not too worried about the strain.
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    Exactly what I was going to say
  15. alright guys, thanks for the feedback, i really appreciate it. ill have an update pretty soon once i get my seeds planted.
  16. How did the seeds look?
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    they are looking good, ones starting to pop.

    as for the lights, i am planning on building a 3 light fixture, with 2, 27 watt cfl's, and one 23 watt cfl.
    will that suffice for 1 plant?
  18. UPDATE: seeds are officially in their first pot. will get some pictures as soon as the lady [ hopefully ;) ] sprouts. for now until she gets a little bigger im going to be running 24 hour light schedule.
  19. The three light setup will work for a temporary fix, try to double it at least
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    even with only one plant?
    oh yeah will heat be an issue as well? as you can see from the pictures i posted ive got two 80mm exhaust fans, and i have a fan blowing around air in there. I dont have any sort of intake, only exhaust. I was thinking about flipping the fan that is acting as the exhaust right now to make it intake. and then putting another single, 80mm fan up top for exhaust. or could i make do without it?

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