my first grow, something bad happened

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  1. The plant is about 4 months old , all leaves stared curving,darkening and then drying up. All the big leaves have been cut of and alot of new growth was damaged. What is happening here and how do I prevent it?
    I added 3 pics of a plant. Thanks :)

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  2. Bigger pot
    PH check
    Root rot? Are you draining?
  3. You've overfed, the soil needs more aeration and may be too acidic.
  4. Could have been any of the things the other two people said. Those plants are too far gone to save. You will have to start over.

    Everything is wrong with that plant. I suggest reading up a lot. Or starting a thread and ask for help throughout the Grow.
  6. The plant is about 4 months old ..!

    time to put her down

    and restart

    plan it out so

    you go 1 month veg at 18/6

    and 2 month bud at 12x12

    a 3usgallon pot is good, with FFOF

    good luck

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