My first grow, pls help, i dont want fail! (nirvana auto)

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  1. i tested one small bud on 5th week flowering nirvana, it was not bad :D
  2. hey yo. this pics are 5days ago. she is in 7th week flowering. is she looking ready for harvest? i m planing 1 more time give potasium ferlitz. and after flush. But i m afraid to miss harvest time and to be late :S pls tell me, what i need to do. i feel so afraid. :(

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  3. They look beautiful man. how long do you wanna flush for? For 2 weeks after the last potassium? I'm not experienced but can't see a problem with keeping lights on a n week extra. If anything will be well matured plants

  4. Keep to the plan bro 2 or even 3 more weeks will not be too long. They look very nice. I bet the smell is real nice too.:D

  5. woah thaks bro :) this pics are all of just 1 plant's. i will keep this plan, i will give potasium to day, after 3 days i will flush. But i cant understand, just on the above pistils are brown and leafs are dryng, but under pistils still white... When they are gona be brown? They will be before harvest time or cant possibilty?

  6. what is the temperature? only give half ferts, that may be burn from too much.

  7. 22 C temperature, i think its 72-75 F. i carry about under buds, they are still white.

  8. DOH! bro, now I understand, just pick the top one and let the others grow a few more days. They don't ripen at the same time. I do this alot. Pick the ripe ones and let the lower ones finish.:D

  9. hmm so i cut first upside buds and 2-3 day later downsides? will be k? thanks bro, i will build your sculpture after harvest :) :smoking:
  10. İt s not looking good. crystal leaves are changing fast. No resin (others have hard resin), no smell. I did two days before the flush. Been dying or is ready to be harvested? I do not understand. But I'm worried about yellowing. I have no idea. This is the old one, have had problems in youth. What should I do?

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  11. Yellowing of the older leaves is normal during flower bro, I do think you could reduce the nutes a bit other than that pick the ripe ones and let the white ones finish:cool:

  12. but its not smell like marihuana :( its not looklike to others. and when i test 1 bud, its did nothing, 0 effect. i will test again, with fast dry technice.
  13. Your not far enough in flowering. Go to radioshack and get you a magnifying lens 20x or higher and harvest when the trichromes are 3/4 amber. Also you should always plan on growing longer than what the seed company's recommend. Their almost always off.
  14. i dont know, maybe my mistake is i didnt stop ferlitzs in 6th week flowerin period. My girls 8-9 weeks standarts. I taken harvest from her and i did fast dry with flame, it was low effects :(
  15. I bet lol. Patience is a virtue.
  16. i m giving just water to babies. i m afraid of fetlitzes :) i m just giving ferlitz to clones. but not more. But i have a question, my little clones growing with big pistiles (buds). they havent veg period, directly flowering. is it normal?
  17. Yeah there not gonna not produce any bud lol. You should try to veg a week or two at least man its worth the wait.
  18. this is my old girl wreckle T.H.Flowering period completed week 8th and more a few days. What do you think is ready to harvest? du recommend 8-9 weeks for this type of seed company. eaves stuck to the pistil, the crystals are too specific.

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  19. I misread and was baked when i said you would t get any bud lol my bad. Youll get some for sure but from the pics you need to move your lights up some of those fan leaves pook pretty crispy.
  20. They are sayying this nirvana NL %18 THC but i think it is not more than %3... it is really fail!

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