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My first grow, pls help, i dont want fail! (nirvana auto)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by goko06, Jan 10, 2013.

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    hello there. I bought 10 seeds blog on the internet. Wreckage and Nirvana Seeds TH Seeds Autoflowering Northern Lights. 7 There is one pot. Soon will be 9..planted 6days using rooting seeds. was the day began to emerge, but the new. there is very little room in my house, in fact, a pantry. perhaps 1.5 meters square. I use that place. 2 x 100w grow light bulb's (for the two periods) and 1 small led . Waiting lamp 250w for flowering hps. Perhaps this is less than W with 250w, but powerful. 12 000 lumens. Frequently here to try to take photos until harvest. Waiting for help and suggestions from you. covered the walls of the white canvass. Inside, a stove works 24 hours a day and the temperature 20 degrees. Tomorrow I'm getting a humidity device extra.Soil and peat mixed, liquid vitamins and organic fertilizer bought harmless. I spent all my money because I will not be so scared.
    I'm going through and really cold winters here in Ankara. Currently the system 7/24 trying to understand now sprouting seeds, I guess. But nirvana website said it would take 5 days, today day 6th and u can see pics.


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  2. Hi Goko:hello:, welcome to GC. cool temperatures will delay germination. You need a better light if you want to succeed. Also need a small fan for air circulation.
    How does your soil drain? I don;t see any perlite in there. The shortage of light is the biggest problem I see for you now.
    Keep posting and people will help you out here:D
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    Thank you for your support and good will. There is a small fan, but not run yet. Do you want to open it? I did not perlite, Is it necessary? Soil for garden, high-quality, peat, that's all. :) 250w Philips Son T Pia Plus Set Çiçeklenme Dönemi için Yüksek Sar I got this light, but expect to run the flowering period. If you have seen the 2 lamps 100w and suitable for both periods. (seller told me). Led at one little extra support.really poor? ( m i need Take a extra?

    And thank you for wellcome to me in family, here is my new home i hope :)
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    yea ok i m gona buy mh lamb

  5. If the soil drains well you don't need perlite. Cannabis roots need to get oxygen as well as water and nutrients. If soil is to wet they can't get the oxygen they need. That 250 hps will work well for you.
    I don't think those 2 lights you have are any good for growing, are they incandescent bulbs?
  6. oh thanks for answer again. My babysitter :)

    bulbs are on this link Osram Natura 100W Reflektörlü - MagicPlant osram with reflector, white and red spectrums. i will buy a mh bulb for my 250w balast kit. (i got just hps)

    but you said i need mh hard :cool: how can trust before flowering period to hps?

    oh and i have organic fertilizer leonardit (for Ph stabilize)
    Toprak Düzenleyici Organik Leonardit

    thank you again, pls keep follow me, i need you teacher :)


  7. The language barrier is killing me,lol:confused:
    Those lights you have are probably ok you just need to get them closer. Hold your hand under the light to see how close, if it is ok for you it is good for them.
    Still get the HPS though it will make a big difference.
    That fertilizer sounds excellent, I want some.:D
    I'm subbed and will help any way I can.:smoking:
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    thanks again, sorry for language barrier, i can understand you, but that website have not english version i think :) this is turkey. fertilizers like my delights, I just got it for cheap and harmless, I did not know it would be so good :)
    tomorrow i m gona build my hps extra bcs you say this but i have really big problem...

    i have bad news, I did not go home just one day, and the plants have begun to fade. they be improved? soil and rockwools was very dry, i given water again. what can i do more i dont know :( lamps are working 24/0

  9. Can you post pictures? They may perk back hot was it?:(
  10. i will post pictures, that room just 20c, i think its can be about water, there is was very dry :(
  11. lol incandescent lights
  12. they are not
  13. sure they are
  14. Osram Natura 100W Reflektörlü - MagicPlant

    and i did translate information for language barrier.

    u must be oracle, u looked pics and said they are incandescent lights... Thanks, you are really helping with ur ego


    for all periods. reflector and ballast without having to buy a bulb that you can use

    There are built-in ballast and reflector, so they are used without the need for anything is E27.

    Includes white and red spectrum. So with the sun light provides illumination to the nearest value. For this reason, an alternative product for plants Osram Natura their class.
  15. I installed last night and all the lights hps 24/0 running. I installed a small fan, temperature, 24c did, a little too watered and planted new seeds. These are my last 3 were the germs of nirvana. Only 1 looks very healthy, I think the old ones and the others will die: (1 of them is definitely dead, and threw it away.

    I do not know what they did and did not lacking

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  16. How much water does your soil hold? If you put in 10 liters how many run out the bottom? I'm starting to suspect the soil may be the problem. Cannabis does not tolerate poor drainage very well.
    You still need to get the lights closer to the plants, 30 to 60 cm.
    Are temps ok?
    Can you get any seed from the local low quality stuff? If nothing else it will help you learn to grow.
    Don't give up my friend, together we will figure this out.:cool:
  17. the soil is always moist. not dry easily. rockwool easy drying. need to water my day I realized that, maybe 2 times a day, I think setting up within 16 hours. I did not water a day, then we had a problem. 3 dead seed has gone away today. I think 2 more will die. 1 out of 7 seed in good condition only. I hope to be good for the new 5. These high-quality seeds, let me give you the link
    but 5 nirvana seeds died.
    You were right I think a lot of light was insufficient, the fan did not, the water was less, I took an early pot, there was moisture, temperature low.
    room temperature 25-27 degrees and the humidity is currently working tool. gives more heat than hps. only depressed too bad. I started 2 weeks, but the good news is I can not work at all. thank you very much. I'm trying to send a private message but I do not know why. lights pretty close to the plants, maybe you can see the photos away. not see much improvement tomorrow, keep the plants very close to the lights. s problem is that I believe in rockwool and thirsty land remain to be buried. 7.5ph longer and more frequent use of water do water sold in markets. I hope that the new seeds are healthy.

    thank you very much
  18. how about not using rock wool in soil? >_>
    youre definitly not supposed to water daily, 2 days between waterings is minimum. only water when the soil dries out 2 inches (1 inch for sprouts/small seedlings) deep. if the rockwool dries out too fast, dont use rockwool. use peat pucks if you really want to start your seeds in something small, in my experience peat pucks have excellent germination rates and transplanting them to soil doesnt pose problems either.
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    my new seeds in rockwool, but they are not in the soil (it's been bad hard lesson). Rockwool is building very quickly, if I leave the rockwool inside the seeds, ground into a transport problem is if I all right? planted new seeds into the rockwool and just buried into the soil. more than just drying up. What is peat pucks are mentioned, could you give an example link?

    and you can see more on i uploaded last pics on paper 1 (look photo with led, rockwools on pot, not in)
  20. Are you using the rockwool to start your seeds? I dont like the stuff personally because you do have to keep it wet constantly. Your plants look a bit stretchy like mine have in the past. putting the light as close as possible to plants will help. Can you use and order from amazon? they have great light packages. Stay positive and remember dont over baby your plants there main job is to survive thats what they are gonna try and do. Im gonna suggest germinating in paper towels and using ph balanced water only to sprout them. its been the most succesfull for me.

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