My first grow northern lights autoflowering

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  1. Usually, I'll give 'em light 24/7 for the first two weeks, then switch to 20/4 for the next two. For the last month or so, I'll drop the lights @ 18/6 'till the end.. Dunno if that helps anything, but I'll do that any way.. Been doing 24/0 for a full cycle and everything in-between too.. Not too much of a difference, in my opinion.. YMMV..

  2. I have had them on 24/7 for a lil bit now because they did not like the switch so I switched them back to 24/7 and they are a lot happier now
  3. I am at work when I get home I will take some pics and post them up
  4. The first three pics is my one weird growing plant, the other ones have there name in the pics, Sansa is doing great gave her some nutrients she is happy, margery is a lil small but I had her in a new soil and she did not like it at all so I got some fox farm ocean forest and put her in that and gave her some nuterance and she have a lil burn but she is a lot happier then she was before she is growing now, Arya is still really small she is going to give me one solid bud, Daenerys is doing great she has grown 4 inches in about 4 or 5 days.

    I trimed off most of there fan leafs and they have been doing good sense that's what made Sansa get 4 shoots growing up.
    Any advice is appreciated thanks guys/girls.

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  5. Need help asap please I am seeing these on my Girl is it normal or did she go hermi?

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  6. The white long hairs coming out of the pear shaped green thing?
  7. Thats normal man. Theyre pistils. A sign of female plant pre-flowering. Male parts are like little green round footballs.
  8. Cool thanks man
  9. No problem :) glad i could help
  10. You shouldn't top fim or transplant an auto
  11. Ya I did not read that u should not transplant a auto tell after I all them all started lol but now I know lol.

    Off that topic lol, I was thinking about doing all autos I can make it where I can have plants all year round or use regular seed I would have to do all plants the same because I only have one growing area so I can't have a veg room and a flowering room, I am kind leaning towards doing autos but I want to do regular plants for leaving to clone, top and all the other things u can do that u can't do with a autoflowering.
  12. Why not? Not contesting you, just wondering. I thought that if you transplant it before flowering, its ok
  13. I don't know anything about topping causing any issues in autos, but transplanting or any sort of stress on them can cause them to go hermie quickly
  14. i mean you can top and fim and transplant but it will stunt your auto instead of having a big bush you will have a plant the size of a seedling autos don't need light schedule to flower they flower after a certain age so if you transplant during veg it won't grow to potential it will stop growing to recover an about that time it's ready to flower so it will be the same size when you topped or when you transplant it's best if you just lst for good results
  15. Ya I read to not do anything to them, I have one that is about half way through flowering and she is smaller then a Bic lighter.
  16. Aaah i see. That makes sense
  17. I'm growing northern lights mine not an auto though
  18. I think its awesome you named them after GoT characters, well done sir! And I may have to steal that idea, but maybe use a different show or movie.

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