My first grow northern lights autoflowering

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  1. Growing northern lights autoflowering feminized from nirvana seeds
  2. Good luck with your grow.
  3. Hi everyone welcome to my page. I have a 4 foot long 5 foot tall and 2 foot deep grow tent with 2 Mars hydro 300w led grow lights. The bigger two I started before I did research so there was problems at the beginning of the grow the other two are about a week in a half old and there doing great, and the on that u see with the bottle over it is one of the freebies seeds from nirvana it would not germinate in a paper towel so I cracked the seeds open and one of them was rotted on the inside the other one was nice and white when I cracked it open so I put it in soil to see if it will grow and it did but it's having a lil trouble I have the bottle over it to give it the extra humidity.

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    I would transplant the first two. They looks cramped in those small pots.

    I always keep a clear solo cup sprayed with water over too top of my new sprouts because they have no root structure to absorb water they use their leave to absorb humidity til a few sets of leaves are there.

    don't want to be the burdenern of bad new but none of them look happy. They all look droopy and dis colored. My first thing would be transplant bigger ones. Fuck miracle grow its fucking crap. Has poor drainage. Thats what I think all your plants problems are, over watering. That miracle grow will hold moisture for weeks. Newbs who use it always end up with water issues I swear.

    The one I'm not sure never seen that before. Good Idea with the bottle.

    I'm gonna sub up and watch. Just remember if the leaves are not Perky or even reaching upward but drooping you prolly have a problem. Problem equal stress stress equals 4 weeks into flower all you plants fucking Hermie and you get a bunch if seed with some shake for your harvest. Then you feel pissed you wasted all your time and money
  5. I grew northern lights auto before, good starter plant for noobs, smells not to bad but I grew NL femseed and the whole neighborhood could smell it. it was grown under 400w hid, good luck


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  6. So I transfered all of the girls today and in the second pic is Daenerys I cut off he bottom leafs that wore bight green and since then her leafs are starting to come up towards the light:) she is doing great

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  7. Hell yeah. Looking better all read not as droopy
  8. Did World of Seeds NL-Big Bud Auto's on two occasions. Got a freebie, grew it out for shits & giggles under my little 250HPS in a 2X2 tent, ebb &gro hydro. The little girl yielded 6.5 oz from one plant. Needless to say was ticked, so I ordered more. Tried two the next round and yielded less than the one plant. Morale... they don't like to be crowded, at least not under a little 250W. But it changed my thinking on auto's always being low yielding [​IMG] and yeah, anytime I can keep some northern lights in the stash jar I'm happy.
    One suggestion, run light nutes until they are in bloom, then gradually go up to full strength bloom nutes. At least that was what I found in hydro. You folks still playing in the dirt are always gonna be dirty[​IMG]
    (and take no offense to that, it's meant strictly in humor. I don't really care HOW dirty you get [​IMG])

    Welcome to Grass City & bestaluck to ya!!!
  9. She is looking great she is so happy the other one are still in a lil shock but there looking a little better

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  10. So all my girls are doing great they are so much happier in there new soil, the lil one is starting to grow 2 lil leafs at least I know it's still alive lol but I think she is Goin to be deformed she is growing weird but she was a freebie I and happy with the other ones next water for Daenerys and Arya is going to be nutrition feeding, if anyone seeing anything I don't let me know I am a open book lol and plus I like talking to people about growing.

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  11. Anyone still subbed in?
  12. I am more updates man!
  13. Look at the other page just posted pic of all my plants
  14. What light schedule are you on? The pic is a bit blurry will you take a close up of the center of A and D they almost look as if buds are forming?
  15. Right now I have them on 20/4 thinking about switching to 18/6. I do have a question I have the lights off during the day because it hot in there should I have the lights off at night when it is cool?
    I will take a pic when I get home I am at work right now I work graveyard lol, Arya and Daenerys are a month old had complications at beginning of grow stunted there growth the other ones are about 2 weeks I think.
  16. Her are to two u wanted to see they don't look like they are flowering the second one is is only 2 weeks old well might be a lil less I have not figured out when u should start counting days

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  17. I Start counting my autoflowers from the day they break soil, then i count up 9 weeks, around 63 days, maybe a little less maybe a little more depends on the plant and its environment. Only the Trics and yourself can tell you when your plant is done and ready to be harvested.
  18. O know my power went out idk how long it is going to be out for, will my plants be OK?
  19. Should be... By then again since they are on 12/12 idk...
  20. No there not and power just came back on they are still good lol.

    I have a question should I leave them in 20/4 or switch them to 18/6?

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