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    Hello to everyone reading this,

    iv just recently started to put together my own grow room. dimensions are.

    3ft deep, 2ft wide, 6ft tall.

    ordered some seed from PICKANDMIXSEEDS on Monday night and was pleased to have them in my hand on Wednesday morning very nice, the seeds i ordered are,


    even tho i received my seeds on Wednesday morning i couldn't start to germinate till this morning (4/8/11)

    I also have a indoor/outdoor POWER PLANT that iv been growing since the beginning of the year with only water and natural light and shes just starting to show the signs of flowering, so iv have started bringing her inside now because of the area i live in the night time hours are very bright and I'm afraid that she might not flower properly.

    I just purchased and installed a 400Watt hps lighting unit today, I CURRENTLY HAVE NO CARBON FILTER INTAKE OUTTAKE SETUP but i do have a small revolving fan to move air around the grow room.

    i will be doing regular updates hopefully every few days so i can document everything that i do over the course of my first grow.
    I know its a small space and I'm running a risk of overcrowding but I'm hoping to grow the plants a foot tall before flowering and only having the 3 taller plants (BIG BANG/WHITE SKUNK) in the grow room at the flowering stage as the auto plant ( PINEAPPLE EXPRESS) should only take about 2 months from start to finish.

    Any advice or criticisms are welcome and i hope to be able to reply to anyone that has any questions or guidance thanks for now
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    Woke up this morning early as I'm a little paranoid about my seeds not germinating properly! i lifted the saucer and first few layers ov tissue paper from my 2 x BARNEYS FARM AUTO PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and found no cracks or signs of a root starting to show on to the other saucer now... RESULT after only 16hrs one of the 2 x GREEN HOUSE BIG BANG seeds have sprouted a root.... I'm gonna have to wait it out now and see if the other GREEN HOUSE BIG BANG and 1 x WHITE LABEL WHITE SKUNK show soon so i can plant them in potting soil asap!

    don't know if anyones following this yet give me a hello if you are! thanks thats all for now.
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    OK, its been over 24hours and iv noticed that both 2 x GREEN HOUSE BIG BANG & 1 x WHITE LABEL WHITE SKUNK have germinated nicely and have at least Mill of little root sticking out. but the 2 x BARNEYS FARM PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO's are only just starting to crack open, i know it prob wont take long for them to grow to the size of the other seeds i have so i chose to plant the seeds with roots now and wait for the others to grow and plant them tomorrow morning, i didn't take any pictures ov the first lot before they went into the soil but i will take some of the new babies before i plant them tomorrow, ill also take some of the POWER PLANT i have growing outdoors. anyway thanks for reading.

    more updates tomorrow and some pictures too.
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    :Hello: Are you running dirt or hydro?

    Edit: I see now! :stoner:
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    i got up this morning and with much delight both of my BARNEYS FARM PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO's have broken out of there shell enough for me to plant them. so thats what i did, also sorry i didn't mention this but I'm just using bog standard soil mix from the hydro shop my mate has, ill post a update later on with the equipment i have so far and how I'm going to go about growing these beauties as i haven't the first clue to be honest I'm just sick of paying over the top prices for my weed! so i think this is the way forward.

    anyway heres todays pictures

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  6. More Pictures.....

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  7. More pictures....

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  8. Ok so its been four days since i planted seed in soil,
    i put the pots in the room and they have been coasy since i had a little problem with one of them, it wasnt sprouting so i had to go fishing around in the soil for it, when i eventually found it, it had been growing upside down so with a bit of wriggling and re planting its doing fine now. I still havent found nutrians for the little laides yet as im on a tight budget and the purchass of the seeds, mylar and light practically bankrupt my grow account. Dose any one know any cheep alternatives from a B&Q store or other garden/home store? I can go my local hydro shop but the choices they have are as i said a bit over my price range

    i purchased a PH & soil moisture tester today

    as of today using the tester kit i baught the soil PH and Water PH are around 7.0 is this good? From what iv read i think it is! any advice would be nice thanks.

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  9. Hello Hardluck good to see a fellow scouser on the boards ;)
    Iv got a few grows under my belt,so i,ll help ya all i can..
    Iv not been on grass city for a while,i usually stay on the uk site
    Anyways i,ll pop in tomorrow when im not mashed and chat :)
  10. :wave: Subbed, How big is that grow area?

    I like my pH around 6.5, 7 and above and I usually get a few rust spots.

    As for nutes you probably wont need to give them anything during veg, you can use tomato feed for flowering MJ add some molasses a couple of times too. Nutes are only around £10 - £20 per litre or you can even buy most in 500ml, you shouldn't need veggy nutes as often as the soil will feed them for a while, give them nutes when they don't need it and you just get nute burn.

    Im far too high :smoking:
  11. its 2 foot wide 3 foot deep and like 6 and a hakf foot tall.
  12. shes a bitch only 7 months old sleeps buy the dorr to the grow room no fucker can get neer it lovley.....
  13. Hey mate, I like your setup, you should have plenty of room to get those ladies producing. As far as cheap nutes go, you can really just pick whatever you want, you just want one with high phosphorous for flower. I've found that the plants aren't that picky, you don't need any specialized fertilizer, just regular fertilizers will do. I would recommend checking out some of the stickies in the absolute beginners forum if you haven't already, they can tell you pretty much anything you might want to know about nutrient requirements. Read some of those and then pick a couple of fertilizers accordingly.

    Other than that, I'd advise you to take everyone's advice with a grain of salt. We all have our own preferred methods that work for us, and we all believe that our own method is superior, but producing quality cannabis is not an exact science, so don't worry about it to much and do what works best for you.

    Anyway, I'm rambling, so good luck on the grow, and I'll pull up a seat and watch it unfold.
  14. as of tomorrow this is the medium and nutes i will be using.

    BioBizz - Light Mix

    BioBizz - Root Juice
    BioBizz - Bio Grow
    BioBizz - Bio Bloom
    BioBizz - Top Max
    BioBizz - Bio Heaven

    thanks to the followers to be honest mate iv been readin for fuckin months before i even purchased the seeds but no matter how much i read im still not sure if im doin it right
  15. You'll be fine, I didn't read enough before my first grow, it cost me a plant, but it really isn't nearly as hard as people make it sound sometimes, with all the research and prep you've put in I'm sure you'll be popping big buds in no time.
  16. :wave: Nice nutes, looks like you bought the whole mixed pack. I've not used Root Juice or Bio-heaven yet but a few feeds of Top Max during flowering really brings the buds along.

    I use the light mix soil for my seedlings :smoking:
  17. got my nutes my soil my fan and my filter today time to get towork thia shit is kickin off bigtime.
  18. plants repotted and had there first feed filter fan and ducting connected and im rolin on with it the girls are lookin lovey ill poast a pictures soon
  19. update just pictures not got time to wright tonight but i thoughtr id share with the pictures enjoy. not doing to bad i think 2 weeks old above soil had one tiny feed to see how they go and this is what happen lovley growth i think. maybe a normal feed nect time and hopefully onwards and upwards

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