My First Grow Journal. Need Help!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by MisticalToker, May 8, 2011.

  1. So I just placed my order for some Shark Attack Seeds from Attitude. I had already planted my first unknown seed and it sprouted, but after about 9 days it grew to about 3-4 inches and there are four little leaves and one of them is browning. So after I saw that i decided to buy some legit fem. seeds and start from scratch. I originally was growing in this
    I was planning on flipping the top drawer when when plant grows taller but from the looks of this

    I need to start from scratch. So I'm planning on using one of these
    14-Gal. Rubbermaid® Roughneck® Storage Container ~ Boxes
    OR! I can just fix up my previous grow box. Opinions please!
    I already have a 40 watt cfl (Newb) that's all i have. I only want to grow one-2 plants, so can you guys give me a hand?
  2. Here is how to post a photo out of your journal..

    Go to the photo and click it, so it becomes full size in GCs window. Then right click it, go to properties, and copy the url code. Then come back to your post, in reply task bar, look for a square yellow box with mountains on it. Click and paste your url to pic there. Easiest to do when you have 2 tabs open, your post and gallery.

    Like so.

    Any box will work. Just keep in mind height and your good. Didnt notice any ventilation?
  3. Yeah, i was planning on buying two computer fans at this electronic store. Have you grown before?
  4. Hehe, yes I have. Im an experimental grower, that tries things people dont. The links in my sig show a glimpse into my world :)
  5. Those are some very nice links. Those size plants are what I'm looking on growing, like a personal stash. I live in Chicago and my connects aren't too dependable, and it's expensive you feel me?
  6. Okay so it is day 11 and my plant has grown some new set of blades. I decided to make a grow box out of an 18 gallon storage container and use the SOG method to keep the plant low.[​IMG]
  7. Oh I know exactly what you mean! Forget buying another mans weed.. I mean ya it does the job, but nothing beats smokin your own!

    I dont know if you see how tall most my plants are.. but the avg height is 3 feet :D. Ive done minis before, but the smallest to date is in a 3oz net cup. I think in your case, with the limited vertical space, is to use up more of the horizontal by training.

    Do you mean your going to LST (low stress training) vs SOG (sea of green)? SOG is possible but not feasible in that small of box. One plant LST would generate much more bud, esp supercropping as well.
  8. Hmmm. True True. The Box is about 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. I think i might go with the low stress training if that's the case. Do you mind giving some pointers on how to achieve that. I heard some people go in to flowering after about 2 weeks. But I don't know if I want to try that if it's not a sure thing.
  9. (By the way i liked your thread beastly plants really sexy ladies) Anyway One more question, I was searching around for the ideal temp/Hum and I'm starting to think that My Numbers are too high. Should I use a lower wattage bulb?
  10. mid 80's your ok,

    during veg, you want 50-70% for humidity

    im usually around 86-87 with a 40% humidity
  11. Okay perfect. I also was wondering my little plant is thin in the mid section of the stem. It's like thick,thin, thin and then it's the top of the plant. I don't want it to die, I think it's too hot, I was checking my temp and noticed it reached 93 as the max. I'm buggin, should I buy another fan or buy a lower wattage bulb?
  12. Soo today i watered my baby and came back from scool in the after noon and it's all limp and yellowing? wtf! Now it's sick what should I do? I'll post up picks of the progress soon.
  13. Here are the pics. *sigh* fudge...[​IMG]
  14. did you give fertilizer?????

    it look like burned by fertilizer

    keep it growing
  15. No. But the soil had nutes. I think it was that. Today i just decided to put it out of its misery and and pulled it out. I took of the leaves though. they smelled good.
  16. How much for a gram of Kush in Chicago??
  17. It depends, some people get grams for 15, dank (if you have a good connect. 20 if you don't) but my friend once bought 2 grams of the shittiest shwagg EVER, I mean the whole bag was practically seeds and stems, all for 8. That is why I want to grow. I can't wait for my seeds to come.

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