my first grow i would like some input

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  1. these are my plants they are roughly a month and a half old the bigger one is about 2 months they are all bag seeds i just got them on nutes last week using a 24-8-16 all purpose for them and they are in a peat moss mix. they fan leaves at the bottom of them have been yellowing and falling off i think i took care of that problem i have notices some yellow spots that turn brown any ideas on what that is? and the stems are turning a reddish purple color not sure if its a symptom or genetics. well hmu with comments and questions.

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  2. they look good to me bro
  3. looking soild, up your pot size if you can man,
  4. just moved it to a 5 gallon container and it has boosted up thnx for the input
  5. if u get more yellow leaves add nitrogen

    and the brown spots are probably marginal necrosis most likely from calcium or magnesium defiency

    but u since u moved to 5 gallon container ill probably be fine
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    be careful though not to overdue it when trying to fix a problem or you may make things worse

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