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  1. So realizing that there are a lot of ways to screw things up and being broke I have decided to start my garden using as little money as possible. I am using some seeds selected from my bag seed collection. I have a few sorted seeds saved and if Labels are correct I have 3- 100% Sativa (Durban Poison I think) in shot glass w/water, 3- Northern Lights in shot glass w/water, 3- Afgahooey in damp paper towels, 3- unknown from general seed jar in damp paper towels. These will eventually be thinned to 2 (My plan unless i get 12 wonderful females). They have been soaking for about 36 hours so far and some are starting to crack. Tomorrow I will be planting in a seed starter tray with standard potting soil that was left over at my parents place when they started their garden this year. The tray will be put into a Computer Tower Starter I built with an old tower and random part I had laying around. currently I have two light fixtures in there and I plan to buy some CFL bulbs to put in there (thinking 25W-35W Ea). Also starting work on a 6 lamp fixture an reflector for after transplant. I will post pictures as soon as i find my cable for my camera.

    Total Investment to date:$8.00 Est. (Lights)
  2. Today the plants got in the dirt, there were more seeds cracking their husks so i hope they take. I lucked out that when I stopped by the parents place to pick up a few things they had a stack of CFL's in the bulb drawer so no purchases yet. I have one 55W Cool light CFL and the case is sitting @ 76.3F so seems like it should work well.
  3. So the fan I had could not push enough air through the ducting to take the heat out and had to crack the case and cover with blankets to get down from 90+F, currently I am at 78-80. Hope the seeds didn't get scorched (soil is still moist, crossing fingers). I am building a new box from scratch, got some plywood and and a 5 1/2" server rack fan that might work better. This will be able to get taller by adding more sections as the girls (hope no guys show up to the party) grow taller.
  4. It's a nerve wracking business, isn't it? You're probably OK on those high temps. Seeds like it warm. 78-80 is perfect. The normal temperature range for germination is 70 F to 90 F, if what I have read on the subject is true.

    Those are some righteous bagseeds you have there. Good luck with your germination, TBones.
  5. Yea I have a large jar of generic seeds but when I get a bag of sweet stuff that has a seed or two I make sure to put it aside. from all the reading I have been doing I think it will be ok but like al new growers I am super paranoid and super eager to see green punch through the dirt.
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    Only one seed ended up growing so I might try starting a few more to increase the odds of females. The seedling is about three inches now and the third pair of leaves just started showing. The very tips of the secondary leaves are showing some yellowing which I am thinking is from low nutes. I am getting ready to transplant to the large container and I will use some of the potting soil and mix it with a compost made with Cow manure. The compost seems black and rich so I hope this will help.
  7. Well the little girl (I hope) is nicely seated in her new pot and seems to be doing alright, only about 3 1/2" tall but the third pair of leaves are getting bigger and the new box has more light and a little warmer temp so we'll see how she does. I started six more seeds in a cup of water this morning to use in case this one is male. Now if anyone out there is reading this I am wondering about growing and drying the males. Some books and articles say get rid of all males while others say you can grow them but to keep them away from any flowering females. Just curious if anyone has grown and cured the males and what I might expect, what I have read they just have lower THC counts and smaller/ less buds and can be harsher to smoke. Mainly I don't really want to waste all the time I put into this if it is a male, plus I haven't smoked in a month and a half. Gotta love being unemployed and broke.
  8. Well Still can't find the camera cord, might have to break down and buy one soon. The Grow is going great, the third pair of leave just had their secondary leaves sprout a couple days ago (one main w/one smaller on either side of each pair) and the fourth pair of leaves is just starting to show from the top of the stem. the slight yellowing has stayed on just the very tip of the secondary pair only and everything else seems great. I have had a wealth of great news in my life the last week so hopefully the good luck will transfer to my little lady. Here's to good grows and great herb!
  9. The little lady is growing so much every day, she has so many sets of leaves coming up. Every day a new set seems to start peeking out. the light levels are a little low as my 25W top CFL Died and had to replace with a 13W CFL. well now that I have a job I guess I will have to buy a new one. But at least this is the first money that will be spent on this grow.
  10. So not sure if it's the fact the dry spell is over or that I am delerious from the lack of sleep and little time to spend with the little lady but tonight I open the box and am taken aback by her beauty. Over 7" tall and 10" across the third pair (largest). 5 pairs of branches and at least 2 more showing. Nice fat Indica leaves showing and with little magnification (Cheap 5Xish) looks like pre-flowers showing, or at least wishful thinking. If I get out of work on time I will buy the necesary gear to upload the picks from the littlest two leaves.
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    So I finally got the card reader for my camera so here are a few pictures over the grow so far. Kinda nice to finally let someone see the little lady (Hopefully). These start at day 8 in the first picture, in a 16oz cup in computer grow box. Pictures 2 and 3 are day 12 and are transplanted into 3 gallon pot and new box.

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  12. they're gorgeous!! Keep up the good work. They will probably be growin really slow as seedlings but don't get discouraged. just stay patient, attentive, and you will be great.
  13. Pictures 1,2: Day 17- 4th set showing, 4" tall.
    Picture 3: Day 23- 6th set, first set almost dead, 10" tall.
    Pictures 4,5: Day 37- 8th set 12", 1st fell off and pulled 2nd off (Also dead).
    Picture 6: Day 43 (Yesterday)- 15" center 10th set showing.

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  14. So as of today there are 8 pairs of fan leaves and each node site has a second set of leaves coming out of them and a couple pairs are even showing a second set coming out. I still have not been able to make out a sex. The plant is 15 1/2" at the center and is as wide as my grow box (16"X16").
  15. what light cycle are you using?
  16. 18 on 6 off, hope to be going into 12/12 within 2 weeks.
  17. gotcha. you wont be able to determine the gender until 1-2 weeks into 12/12. also once start flowering, it will end up getting about twice as big, so you might wanna tie that hoe down!
  18. You could switch the lights now. I usually only veg about 3 weeks and have great success. You babies look amazing. Keep us posted
  19. Dude, this thing seems to be growing awfullly slow, to be at 43 days and that small...... You may want to start topping to get some more vegitation and budsites in case you have a female. If it does turn out to be male I would not suggest going through the trouble of drying and smoking it. You won't get high, probably just get a headache. Good luck and I hope it's a she! :wave:
  20. What is the light set up again?

    Dog I got 3 lamps and four 27w bulbs for under 40$ imagine how another 4 bulbs can make your plant grow if you really do only have one.

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