My first grow ever.

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    Hey guys, I started germinating my seed probably 19, maybe 20 days ago. My plant is now 15 days old and today it entered vegetative state. I'm just asking your guys opinion on it and for any tips you may have for me. I'm using two 23w, 5000k, 1600 lumen, 100w equivalent CFL bulbs. The first two "seeder" leaves were dying off today, so I just clipped them off. I feel like I may need to trim the leaves a little, but I'd like to ask the opinion of more experienced growers. I'm putting a picture in that I just took of her. I call my plant her in all hopes that she is a female. I got the seeds out of some bud that I had, but these were the nicest seeds that I have ever found in bud. Nice and large. The bud was hella dank too! Haha. IMG_6397.JPG Well thank you for any tips/opinions that you guys can give me!
  2. Oh, and I wasn't using a powerful light at first, which caused them to get really tall and leggy, yesterday I replanted her with the stem deeper down. She seems to be doing great and it seems that there was no problems with the re-plant! I have a fan blowing directly on her constantly to make sure the stem gets nice and strong.
  3. Don't trim anything off her. She has very little as it is in this stage.
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