my first grow ever need some help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by metalmaniac360, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. hey guys i have a unknown strain growing under 4 14 watt 5000k and 1 26 watt 3000k cfl's and 15 watt bar fluro and i vegged it for about 1 month and its been in flower since may 14 and the buds dont seem to be swelling up to much tons of white haris a few of them are turning amber but no realy big buds
    i will post pics tommorow so u can see the size of the buds and determen what i need to do or change
  2. what are u feeding? what soil are u using? I can tell you that the lighting is not sufficient enough to be producing big dense buds.
  3. you use nutrients right?
  4. i am feeding them a no name bloombooster that i got for buying a bong and i am using and not proud of it but miracle grow and thats a good amount of watts for one plant in limited space is it not
  5. do you have any money ? go with fox farms or general hydroponics
  6. na man im a broke 18 year old about to go on vacation in 3 weeks do i have enough time to finish flowering or am i gonna have none smokeable product
  7. Yeh, the problem is that you don't have enough light. I use T5's, but they gotta be high output bulbs. Each tube is 54 watts on my light. I have a 14 watt T5 that I use on my aquarium, and I can tell ya, it's no where near bright enough to grow.

    The cheapest way to fix this problem would be to get yourself a bunch of CFL bulbs (the screw in type) and direct it on the plant.
  8. i dont know if i have anymore light to put cfls in i have already 6 lamps in there lol
  9. are you okay with posting pictures of your set up?
  10. ya as i said before i am going to post pic tommorow as the lady is on her dark cycle and u need light to take pics so
  11. i will have pics up by like 3pm new york time
  12. ight man sweet cant wait to see your pictures
  13. i can put up some pics of the veg time if you want
  14. today 007.JPG this is about one half month vegging and i had 2 plant but one was growing very slow so i made brownies out of it and used the other lights to make the main plant bigger
  15. how is she looking
  16. Well, she looks pretty healthy, and it looks like you're doing the best you can with lighting. This would be the 5 week of flowering right? Keep in mind that plants don't really start putting on a lot of bud weight until week 6, and it really takes off at week 7 and 8.
  17. awsome cause i realy only have 2 weeks left till i go away and they need drying time, is there any way that i can harvest and take the plant with me undryed or will it mold quikly
  18. ok update i just changed out 2 14 5000k watt cfls for 2 26 watt 3000k cfls that puts me at over 120 watts is that enough needed for one plant cause i thought that was the general rule but i may be wrong

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