my first grow (did i screw up?)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by evolver, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. a few of my friends started to grow recently and i kinda jumped into things :/ and started my seeds in soil. then after about a week (the plants had about 2 inchs of rooting) i switched them into RW cubes to put them in a hydro set up. here comes the question. the seeds just so happen to be northern lights x haze and i really wanted to save atleast one so i decided i should plant one back into soil. i did this today and then thought of the bright idea to ask if it would work. does anyone know if this will actually work or if its just going to kill the plant:confused:. the plants are only about two weeks old. i will post pics later tonight if it will help.:eek:
  2. any body even have an idea what it will do, i just read something on superthrive and was thinking about using a little of that if its possible.
  3. Well the rockwool might not be the best medium in the soil because it holds so much water... So maybe you could try to remove as much rock wool as you can before planting it into the soil? You could even rip it out and plant it into soil, it will just grow a new root system. Not exactly the nicest thing to do to a plant, but they just grow slowly for awhile and then when they re-root they go back to normal. It's a lot like the cloning process- without the wounds and with little roots already.

    It's your choice, but the rock wool will probably suck in a soil medium- the soil will dry out and the rockwool will be too damp for too long I think.

    I use SuperThrive because it was so highly recommended- but I haven't tested it on individual plants to see results yet. Can't say if it will help for sure, but from what I've been told it will.
  4. If you get it growing in rockwool, you can just pop the whole cube into soil, and the plant will do just fine. Its roots will grow beyond the cube and draw its nutrients from the soil.

    Taking sprouted seeds in soil and trying to get them to root in rockwool is just a bad idea. If you got it to work, great, but it's a lot better to just put the seeds straight into the rockwool the moment you see root. Some people even just sprout their seeds directly in rockwool.

    In general, making radical changes in their environment like that is bad. Tiny plants are not so able to survive shocks like that.

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