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My first grow, Day 20

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Alex Mandel, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Hello everyone, ive been working on a closet grow room for quite a long time as a hobby, after about a month i made it, i had intended to go scrog and get a bunch of small plants for the 2 2 foot shelves, the space is about 5 feet tall and with the 250 and 150 watt hps on each level i thought it would work well with it. Well of the 14 seeds i planted only 6 came up and 4 of them died i thinki was furt burn as it was miracle grow soil and the once that lived all had the burns ive seen that you here said were nute burn, anyways that leaves me with two 20 day old plants and a sickly 1 and a half month old plant that was grow out doors i got it 25 days ago and it was covvered in seeds, a poor raped girl made fullof seeds, im hoping its not hermie but its been under like constant veg sence i got it. well i plan on cutting the tops and cloning them in 1.5 gallon pots for a 6 or 4 plant harvest by about early febuary.

    Sprouts - Oct 31
    Repoted - Nov 18

    3 weeks of veg on November 21
    1 month of veg on November 28
    5 weeks of veg on December 5

    School starts Febuary 2
    Target for harvest Febuary 10
    Needed date for 12/12 december 10

    This date can be pushed back but thats what im shooting for you know, anyways on to the part that matters in the post my plants, and st up too.

    The main question i have is do my plants seem smallish for being under a 250 and l50 hps for 20 days, in some journals ive seen huge 20 day plants under flours im not sure if i may have to push my date back to veg longer, anyways the pics.

  2. (pic 1 The closet)

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  3. (pic 2 Into the closet)

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  4. (Pic 3 Hidden Grow Closet Door)

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  5. (Pic 4 EVIL Secret Grow Room Door)

    I liked the pic..

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  6. (Pic 5 Open Grow Room)

    Attached Files:

  7. (Pic 6 Lower Grow Room)

    150 Watt HPS

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  8. (Pic 7 Upper Grow Room)

    250 Watt HPS

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  9. (pic 8 Both Rooms)

    Theres a intake fan sucking air from outdoors, and a box fan in the middle of the two rooms and a fan to cool the HPS that goes on with the timer for the lights.

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  10. (Pic 9 My two seedlings)

    They are under the 150 Watt HPS.

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  11. (Pic 10 The Stronger Seedling)

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  12. (Pic 10a The Stronger Seedling)

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  13. (Pic 11 The Weaker Seedling)

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  14. (Pic 12 My half done electrical System)

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  15. Hey nice setup. How big is the grow area? The reason why the plants are a bit small is because the pots are so big that the soil dosent cycle dry/wet as much. This limits the o2 to the roots and slows growth. A smaller pot is good at giving them a jump start in the begining then trnasplant them into there final pots when they get close to rootbound. You know its getting rootbound when the roots start to show at the holes in the bottoms and if you let it go the bottom leaves will start to turn yellow and get dead spots because they cant get nutes unles if you are always giving nutes every watering.

    My advice with the setup would be to move the shelf up to make a 3' lower box and have a 2' tall veg chamber. change around the lights so you have the 250w in the flower box and the 150w in the veg box. Make sure all the light is blocked from going into the flower box. In a few weeks take 2 clones per plant before going into flower and have them be moms for you next grow. With a veg box the same size as your flower chamber you can easily have a constant harvest setup whith all the veging done up top.

    What are you using for ferts and how often?
  16. (Pic 13 The sick plant)

    I got this plant 25 days ago, at the time it was already one month old but it was grown out side and had seeds all over it, sence it was october it had been flowering sence it was a seedling and had been near male plants to polinate it, I decided to put it back on veg and give it a does of miracle grow to get some of its nutes back.

    This is what it looked like when i first got it.

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  17. I didnt see the pics of the plants because you were still uploading pics as i was typing but they look awsome for 3 weeks. It not like hydro growth but its still good. When do you plan to start training for scrog?
  18. (Pic 13a The sick plant)

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  19. (Pic 14 The Sick plant Today)

    This is what it looks like after 3 weeks of veg

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  20. (Pic 14a The sick plant today)

    I have a question all it seems to have been growing is one leaf little things NOTHING like on the new plants.. is this normal for re veging?

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